The Thing I Am Loving Today: Suprisingly, My Dansko Rowena's

OK, I know, I know…I go on and on about Crocs, clogs and other super ugly footwwear, but hear me out. As I am growing increasingly larger with this pregnancy, my feet ache more and more. I need some comfortable shoes. By the eighth month of my last pregnancy I could hardly get my feet into anything but FitFlops and had to buy a pair of clogs as the temperatures started to dip in the fall. I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a pair of Birkenstock’s because I still think they are some of the ugliest sandals out there. But when I saw Anne Slowey, Elle magazine’s Fashion News Director, sitting in the front row of a Ralph Lauren fashion show a few seasons ago sporting a pair of Birkenstock’s about to give birth any moment, I felt vindicated. Pregnancy makes you reevaluate your footwear decisions…if only temporarily.
I have heard Dansko makes really comfortable clogs doctors and nurses covet, but until now I would not have given them a second thought. Comfort and footwear are not normally two words I put in the same sentence. Yet, my back is beginning to hurt as my stomach is growing larger. I need arch support and would like some sort of heel, but the 4 plus inch shoes I really want to wear this summer are out of the question. I just don’t feel safe teetering that high when my body is all out of balance. I digress. Anyway, I was recently given the opportunity to to try a pair of Dansko shoes. So I browsed the site and the Rowena style Dansko clog sandal (shown above) in black, spoke to me the most. Heck, I could possibly even wear them with a dress. Possibly.
So when they arrived last Friday I cautiously opened the box and thought “these are not so bad.” I had just ruined a pair of flats I loved in the rain so I immediately slipped them on. Well lo and behold, they were the most comfortable things I had put on my feet in years! Not only that, I felt my shoulders go back and my posture improve instantly. What are these things and where have they been all my life? The arch support is amazing and the foot bed is cushioned? I’m in heaven.
Established in 1990, Dansko is an employee owned Pennsylvania-based company that has been a leader in innovative comfort footwearsince it’s inception. Dansko is operated by its founders, husband and wife team Mandy Cabot and Peter Kjellerup. Best known for their classic closed back clog, Dansko also carries sandals, boots, wedges, heels, and many, many types of clogs. Who knew?
Needless to say, you will probably find me wearing these this summer. They are that comfortable.
Dansko ‘Rowena’ Clog Sandal, $144.95 (available in black and brown)
For more information please visit:
– Lauren Dimet Waters
FTC Disclosure: Sample provided for review

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