The Thing I Am Loving Today: Mark & Graham's Bermuda Bag

bermuda bags
Lyk OMG! Fer sure! I just knew the Bermuda Bag would come back because it’s soooo cute!
It has been decades since I read and lived the Official Preppy Handbook, but if memory serves, the Bermuda Bag was the official accessory for the Biff and Muffy crowd in the 80’s. After begging endlessly, my mother broke down and got me the frame and a couple of covers at Pappagallo on Delaware Avenue in Buffalo, NY. I probably amassed at least a dozen covers over the years, most of which were reversible, Lilly Pulitzer, involved some sort of shade similar to Kelly green and had my initials stitched in various fonts. Never mind that my initials were LSD. I always wondered what happened to that bag.
Well for those of us who have fond memories of that bag, or daughters we’d love to experience the joys of changing bag covers to match their outfit on the way to the club for dinner, the Bermuda Bag has returned courtesy of Mark & Graham. This one looks exactly like the old style and pays homage to the famed bag with teak handles and wood buttons. The only difference is today’s version has an interior smartphone pocket – because well, we didn’t have cell phone back then. At least not one small enough to fit in this bag (they were large bricks).
Pick from 4 colors and of course you MUST have it monogrammed – and Mark & Graham have tons of monogramming options. The Seersucker is of course, my favorite. Then go on eBay and find some old covers. Who knows? If we all get one, we could start the trend. Again!

 80's Preppy handbook , Bermuda bag
Look what I found! The #1 preppy accessory according to the 80’s handbook was the Bermuda bag!

Mark & Graham Bermuda Bag, $79
– Lauren Dimet Waters

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