The Thing I am Loving Today. Genevieve Jones' Wishing Safety Pin Earrings


When I saw these beautiful earrings on designer Rachel Roy I flipped. There was a time (many years ago) when I wore safety pins in my ears…a time I know my mother would like to forget. However, safety pins with diamonds? Now we are talking! They are the grown-up punk version. I think even my mother would approve.

New York designer Genevieve Jones has the elegance of a southern belle (thanks to her upbringing in Baton Rouge) combined with the timeless and savvy edge of a New York sophisticate, her home for the past 9 years. Her Wishing Safety Pin Earrings have more of a New York edge than anything I have seen in Louisiana.


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“I want my collections to have meanings, to tell a story, to be artistically…relevant.”

Genevieve’s collection reflects her effortless style, love of exotic locales, and whimsical personality. The entire collection is infused with unexpected grace and tied together with a modern touch. From the safety pin earrings to the funky yet-somehow-still refined stingray and vertebrae bracelets, each piece takes you on a journey.

GJSafetyPinEarrings-YellowGoldBlackDiamond GJSafetyPinEarrings-YellowGoldWhiteDiamond  GJSafetyPinEarringsYellowGoldRuby
If you are interested in the Wishing Safety Pin Earrings they measure about 1 inch (worn vertically) and cost $850/pair. Contact [email protected] to order a pair as they are currently not offered on the website. They also come in a multitude of colored diamond options and are set in either white or yellow gold.

Check out Genevieve Jones' website here.

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