The Thing I Am Loving Today (& Everyday): BuDhaGirl Wrist Wrap Bracelets


It’s rare I covet a piece of someone else’s jewelry. However, that is exactly what happened when I laid my eyes on the stingray wrap bracelets Lara Eurdolian from the site Pretty Connected was wearing at an event we both attended last month. I’m allergic to pretty much every piece of jewelry I’m attracted to (unless it’s of the super high-end, diamond kind of course) so I usually write it off. However, these looked like something I could wear so I had to inquire. I am so glad I did because since I have gotten my own set of BuDhaGirl Wrist Wraps, I have only taken them off to sleep!

These beautiful bracelets come in sets of two and are covered with stingray shagreen. The colorations are; City (Black & Taupe), Playa (Turquoise & Ivory) and Carnivale (Pink & Tangerine). Each wrap features removable, interchangeable BuDhaGirl End Caps that serve as your daily Reminders. Every pair comes with BuDhaGirl “CHOP” standard end cap, but if you wish to embellish more, the Buddha, Lotus, and Snake end caps are sold separately.


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BuDhaGirl Wrap Bracelet pair in Carnivale with “CHOP” standard end caps
My set in City
My set in City. One with Buddha end caps.
The magnetized end caps are a cinch to remove.
The magnetized end caps are a cinch to remove.
Buddah endcaps
Buddah end caps
BuDhaGirl is deeply rooted in the present while being informed and inspired by the past. The brand is truly a “first” in the global market by giving beautiful objects a purpose (and re-purpose) and ritual with the science to prove the importance of brain health and contemplative practices. The BuDhaGirl spirit and aesthetic is a complex blend of iconic and witty, traditional and edgy…and definitely, always chic. Founders, Susie Hoimes and Jessica Jesse each grew up internationally and were exposed to different cultures and norms. From Africa to Europe, their colorful childhoods along with their own adult self-exploration has given them a unique vantage point to breath sensitivity, compassion and a mindful perspective into their jewelry.
My wrist on a daily basis these days.
My wrist on a daily basis these days.
BuDhaGirl Wrist Wraps, $395 – Lauren Dimet Waters  

1 thought on “The Thing I Am Loving Today (& Everyday): BuDhaGirl Wrist Wrap Bracelets”

  1. Dear Lauren,
    Thank you for your wonderful write-up on BuDhaGirl Wrist Wraps!!!
    You captured something that had not been said before….you love super-high end (we’re there with you,) but when you wear fashion you want it to be descriminatingly fabulous.
    Susie and I are trying to build just that…super glamorous jewels, that will be iconic collectors pieces in the future (for our grandaughters)…and we need super glamorous BuDhaGirls now!!!
    Jessica Jesse


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