Project Runway Season 12 Episode 5 – You Choose Your Materials: Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project_Runway_12_5_1 Where would you go if you could choose your own materials for a three-piece collection? That was the question for last night’s rather complex challenge on Project Runway Episode 5. The designers met Tim Gunn – and a bunch of brand new 2014 Lexus sedans – in New York City’s Meatpacking District. The designers were divided into groups of three and were told to use the cars as transportation to go to two of three locations for the materials to use for their garments: a grocery store, a combination home goods and party store, and a vintage wallpaper store. Yes, this was already their third unconventional challenge. Each designer would create a look for a mini-collection within the team. The collection had to be luxurious and high-end; the designers had a $1500 budget for materials.
Tim Gunn presents the challenge
Team four with their Lexus
As the teams took off to their locations, it became clear very early on where there would be drama for the episode. Team one, made up of Sue, Ken and Alexandria just didn’t fit together from the start, and with Ken’s bad attitude and Sue’s unique sewing techniques, it was bound to be a bumpy ride. The other teams, however, fared much better. Team two was Kate, Jeremy and Karen; team three was Justin, Dom and Helen; and team four was Bradon, Alexander and Miranda. After buying materials the designers headed back to the workroom. They only had one day to complete this challenge, so viewers may have thought there wouldn’t be time for drama. But Ken set out to prove them wrong. He argued every step of the process and made it clear that he didn’t want to be in a team with Sue and Alexandria.
Sandro with Tim Gunn
Tim eventually came to check in on the designers, and he brought none other than Sandro, who walked out of last week’s episode eliminating himself. He did the right thing and apologized to the designers for his behavior. Although Sandro is a bit overwhelming and overdramatic, the designers appreciated his apology. When Tim looked at the designer’s creations, more drama ensued. He questioned the use of the unconventional materials – many designers opted to purchase items made of fabric, like curtains and place mats. Tim knew the judges wouldn’t like that: after all, the point of an unconventional challenge is to make unusual materials work as garments! Some designers got the point. Kate, Jeremy and Karen incorporated the food they had gotten and used it elegantly for “mixed media” and ombre effects. Justin, Helen, and Dom used goji berry accents to add a bright pop of red to their collection.
Judges June Ambrose, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen And Heidi Klum
The guest judge this week was designer June Ambrose. On the runway, the drama would prove to be the downfall for team one. Not only did Ken, Sue and Alexandria argue the entire episode but their collection was nearly incomplete and badly constructed. The garments didn’t fit well and the materials they used weren’t very unconventional. They were the losing team, and in the end, Sue was eliminated. Jeremy, Kate and Karen were the winning team. Their inventive use of items like rice and coffee beans, along with the perfect fit, luxury, and modernity of their collection, earned them an easy win. Bradon, Miranda, and Alexander also created a brilliant, well constructed collection and were told that they came in a close second. Jeremy, with his sleek white dress that offered a sexy neckline, peplum skirt and beautiful ombre glitter along the sides, won the challenge. Quite the comeback from last week, when Jeremy was on the chopping block for creating a matronly look!
Jeremy, “You are the winner of this challenge!”
Karen’s design (winning team)
Kate’s design (winning team)
Ken’s design (losing team)
Alexandria’s design (losing team)
Sue, “You are out!”
  Memorable Quotes: “I think they’re vomiting a little too much information.” – Ken “Can I just be blunt? This makes me sick.” – Tim “It’s my classic ‘make it work’ moment right here.” – Tim “It’s like a French twist, with innards of a goose that produced fois gras.” – Bradon “Clavacles are the new cleavage!” – June “The top just feels like a cocoon without a butterfly.” – Zac “It looks like a coffee filter.” – Zac Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Tanisha Wallis Photos: Lifetime

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