The Scent of a (Strip) Tease

Or should we say the scent of a Dita Von Teese? It was bound to happen. Developed in Paris with Luxesse of Germany, a new Dita Von Teese fragrance will launch with her lingerie collection in Australia this fall and next year in international markets including the U.S.
The burlesque star just revealed to WWD she had to stop wearing her signature scent and find a new one.  “My signature fragrance that I’ve been wearing since I was 14 is Quelques Fleurs, and I had to stop wearing it because my boyfriend’s mother wore it,” she explained. “So that was a perfect time to develop my own fragrance. We’ve only just come up with the scent, so I’m still working on my lingo, but it’s a lot of luscious flowers — Bulgarian rose, tiare, peony — and there’s a sexy wood.”
The new Von Teese fragrance will be affordable at just $32 for the small size. “There’s no fruity vanilla bull—t. I’m sorry, but you know what I mean? A lot of celebrity fragrances are fruit, vanilla, and I wanted something for grown-up girls,” said Von Teese. (Love it).
We can’t wait to try it and will report back when we do.
Source: WWD

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