The Face: Season 1 Finale: Everyone's a Winner


Last week”s episode left us on our toes for the upcoming finale. The competition is finally fiercely on with the rightfully talented top four girls competing till the end. The only problem is, who”s going to win?? Each girl is very unique on her own, we can”t possibly say who our favorite person is anymore. Half our predictions are out the window anyway. All we can do is watch to see who will be The Face of Ulta Beauty.

The finale begins with an unexpected twist: Nigel explains to the girls the remainder of the competition including one last challenge in an Ulta Beauty store, one last test shoot for Ulta and the fact that only 3 will move on to the final runway show with Zac Posen. We were stunned when we heard the twist, but apparently not as stunned as Devyn. She immediately begins to shake and hyperventilate. She exits the room without a word making Nigel call for paramedics. We then find her collapsed in the corner with a mild panic attack. Nigel helps her to get up while she begins to cry. What surprises us was how comforting Nigel was. He even told her to “get it all out.” Can anyone remember ANTM when Nigel was a strict judge in the judging room? We”re touched by his nurturing attitude, but what happened to the no crying on set rule?


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Once Devyn pulled herself together, the girls were introduced to Carrie Lannon, Director of PR for Ulta, and Molly Sloat, Director of Trend Development. These two ladies will be their judges during the final rounds. Their next challenge was at an Ulta Beauty store where  they took a class in Ulta products. They then needed to help customers with their questions and needs. The test was to see girls connect with customers as the face of the brand. ZiLin and Ebony naturally did very well in connecting with customers, but Devyn and Maraux had a little more trouble. When they moved onto the photo shoot for Ulta Beauty, we could finally see individual personalities come out of the girls. Each girl took incredibly stunning photos, however, Ebony struggled in the beginning of her shoot. She couldn”t connect with the camera as much as others since she relies to heavily on her body movements. ZiLin and Devyn easily stood out as warm, exotic models as Margaux brought commercial beauty to set. Despite Ebony”s struggles, it was hard to tell who”d be cut before the final runway.

Judging time comes around, and we”re very curious to see who goes home. Ebony didn”t shine as much in the shoot, however Margaux and Devyn didn”t go too well at the Ulta store. At this point, we only know that ZiLin is safe. The judges announce that ZiLin and Devyn leo monthly horoscope – CANCER : Leo is in a mood for accidental romance, while Cancer prefers serious relationship. move to the next round, and the last spot is between Margaux and Ebony. Finally, Ebony is cut, and we are quite sad to see her leave. She”s been such a positive force through out the show and clearly wanted to win. We saw her hard work and have no doubt that she”ll continue to have a career in modeling.

The three girls move onto the stunning Zac Posen show to walk with their super model judges. Karolina, Coco and Naomi open the show and take our breath away as we watch how the real professionals walk down the runway. Of course, Naomi wears an incredibly dramatic dress that sweeps across the entire runway. Devyn then enters in a two piece and we watch the transformation of her from the beginning of the show. They show each model”s photo from the preliminary episode when they wore no makeup and compared that to the models” glamourous final runway (for dramatic effects). The judges are so impressed with Devyn and her elegance and confidence. Next is Margaux who wears a short flouncy dress and looks very girly and fresh down the runway. The judges do like her but have minimal comments and wishes she stood up straighter. Lastly is ZiLin who wear a gorgeous asian inspired two piece. The judges are also enamored by her looks. At this point, we can kind of see where this competition is going. The models walk a second time except with their coaches down the runway, and we can see each girl really holding her own.

We are then taken to the judging room where they will announce the winner of The Face. Carrie Lannon tells us that Ulta is looking for a warm, graceful and even exotic girl to be The Face. After dragging out the results for a few seconds, it”s announced that Devyn is the winner! Devyn begins to cry alongside Karolina who”s very proud of her. Margaux and ZiLin end up leaving a little disappointed but really grateful for this opportunity. We know that each girl has a great future ahead of her, and we”re happy for Devyn. Though she had an attitude on set a few times, she”s obviously grown into a mature model. As for the other two, we still love them and hope that that we see them around as well! As the show closes, Naomi gives a piece of advice to all the girls out there who didn”t make it. She said to never stop working hard and to never give up. We can”t agree more!


Predictions: Let”s take a look back to see what we predicted.

Break out style stars after the show is over: Margaux and Zilin (we still think this is true!)

The girl who surprises everyone and makes it to the end: Stephanie

First coach to go: Karolina (we should have known, each coach will make it to the end)

The top three girls: Margaux, Zilin and Stephanie

Winning girl: Stephanie

Looks like we completely underestimated Devyn throughout the show!


Overall, we feel that The Face has been a refreshing reality competition show. Of course, we were expecting a little more fashion and high brow collaborations (no offense, Marshall”s!), and the season did feel like it was cut short. Either way, we”d watch this show all over again for the glimpses of Naomi, Coco and Karolina. As for Nigel, we do find him more attractive as the strict judge in ANTM, but can settle for more of him in our lives. Bring on the second season!

– Christine Hopkins

Photos: Oxygen

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