The 5th Annual Latino Fashion Week – “Mixed Mediums Fashion Show” – Friday November 4, 2011

Sylvia Perez ABC7

The 5th Annual Latino Fashion Week kicked off on November 1. Last night’s event, “Mixed Mediums,” was hosted by Sylvia Perez of ABC 7, showcasing a wide range of talent. Keeping with the theme “Art in Fashion,” the designers succeeded in adorning female and male models in clothing soon to be coveted by young fashionistas.
Dress by Alicia Estrada

Suit by David Antonio

A runway show featured Alicia Estrada, head designer and founder of Stop Staring; Adriano Osorio Lugo, from New York Fashion Week’s Emerge Show; David Estrada, local t-shirt designer; David Antonio; Karol Barrerro; and Juan Cotes Designs from the Dominican Republic.
For more information visit: Latino Fashion Week
All events are held at the Zhou B. Art Center 1039 W 35th St Chicago Illinois 60609
– Cindy Burns
– Photos by Magali Rangel Photography

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