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This summer I finally became a fan of the great national pastime – watching primetime TV.

I saw one of the last American Inventor episodes on ABC where there were 3 finalists:


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1. There was firefighter, Gregg Chavez, with an invention called The Gardian Angel. The angel sits on top of a Christmas tree, and is attached to a small water tank that’s hidden in a gift-wrapped box. Should there be a fire, an alarm goes off and the tree is extinguished by the angel. It can save lives.

My questions: Is this only for live trees? So then, it is only for people who celebrate Christmas, or now let’s narrow it down even further – celebrate Christmas with a live Christmas tree? And have a tree up for about a week? Yes, yes, this is wonderful because it "Saves Lives" but these inventions are to attract a large market, and I think it is a small one.

2. Elaine Cato, with the 6-In-1 Convertible Brassiere "A convertible brassiere that accommodates the full wardrobe of small frame women with a "C" cup or above. This is a traditional brassiere that converts into six configurations and affords the full back to be exposed with comfort because there is no mid-section and it can be worn with full wardrobe."

She presented models walking around in the bras, which were sort of like stiff shelves that didn’t move, but the models looked comfortable!

The (male) judges questioned her – Who really needs this? I was screaming at the TV (another national pastime) – There was no question here for me! Stylish woman do NEED it! I’ll tell you the number of people who may buy this! How about females (okay, let’s say that’s half of the population – I know there’s more of us, and we live longer and all that…but I’ll safely start with half of the population.) Now lets reduce it to an age group. Starting from age 15 – young girls going to prom in a backless dress "Your not walking out in that dress without the proper underwear!" to women going out for a cosmo "I’m single and free again and 50 is the new 30!" The number of women in this category must be huge, so I find this to be much a more marketable item.

3. A nice guy school teacher, Ricky DeRennaux, with some kind of remote control car or airplane that a kid could make and customize by going on the computer, called Custom Build Racers. Yes, I thought it was cool, and yes, I would buy it for my 2 nephews. But lets talk the numbers here. Okay, that was 2, plus kids age 9-11, minus girls, that’s getting even smaller. The market is boys age 9-11 who think it is cool and actually choose it in a mind boggling selection of millions of toys on the market. Not an easy sell.

So I hoped and prayed for the 6-in-1 Convertible Bra – it’s a fashion item after all! It allows women to wear more clothes! Women love clothes. And no woman should ever have her underwear showing!

But it did not win. The fireman in his firecoat and hat (I’m not sure why he needed to wear a firecoat and hat) won as the American Inventor this year. Yes that’s a good thing…and it saves lives…

But the 6-in-1 Convertible Brassier will also save a life some day!

—Carol Calacci

Image and source: ABC American Inventor

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  1. “kids age 9-11, minus girls”
    Hey, now — I know you’re trying to make a point, and I would personally benefit from a convertible bra aimed at larger busted ladies. But as an educator and a former female Computer Science major, I resent that kind of stereotyping.


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