The Recap And Fashion Drama of The Real Housewives Of Dallas Season 1: Ep 3

The preview for this episode of The Real Housewives Of Dallas hints Brandi (an ex-Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader) will get raunchy at a strip joint. Shoot me now. I figure if even 20% of the women who watch this show read this review, it will have been read by 10 people. The show is that bad.

I’m going to bounce around a lot because that’s what happens during these shows, so bare with me.

The Recap And Fashion Drama of The RHONY Season 8: Ep 1

“Diamonds aren’t a girl’s best friend, martini’s are!” Seriously? And don’t fine wines get better with age? Not time. But Ramoaner ain’t gonna say the word “age” ever baby (especially now that she’s a cougar on the prowl. One with no game I might add). Who would want to draw attention to the fact they are the oldest person in the now 7 character Real Housewives of New York cast? And by characters I mean characters! Are these women for real? Yes. Yes they are.