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20 Amazing Anti-Aging Uses For Coconut Oil

It seems everyone has gone nuts over coconut oil (pun intended) and it’s for good reason. There are many uses for coconut oil and tons of surprising ways to incorporate this natural anti-aging ingredient into your daily beauty routine. What’s so great about coconut oil and how can you use it? First, coconut oil is …

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The 12 Best Organic Lipsticks

Last month I did a post on the best organic lip balms which is all fine and good, but do you give the color you put on your lips much thought? You should. Considering women ingest anywhere between roughly 4-7 pounds of the gunk they put on their lips in their lifetime, it’s thought provoking.

Organic Beauty. Macy's Launches Beautiful Planet Shops in Chicago

Macy's in Chicago has just opened two new eco-friendly beauty shops in their Water Tower Place and Old Orchard stores called 'Beautiful Planet'. Designed as a shop within a shop, the new Beautiful Planet spaces are about 315 square feet, located in the first floor Cosmetics department, and were built to celebrate beauty and well-being …

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