Got Grays? May I Suggest Root Concealer Sprays

There are now all kinds of hair care products and vitamins that claim to help hair grow. How about offering one product that makes hair stop growing – especially for those of us who have to color our hair? I have a standing appointment with my colorist every 6 weeks, but by week 4 my roots are already showing and it drives me batty. It’s not just the grays either, but that definitive line you can see from the color and the regrowth. Well thank GOD for spray root concealers! They buy you another two weeks in-between appointments so I always make sure to have some on hand.

6 Must-Try Mascaras

I am and have always been totally into mascara. It’s the one item of makeup I can’t live without and I’m always trying to achieve long, full lashes. As we age our lashes thin out a bit therefore finding a mascara that adds volume as well as lengthens is paramount. Over a year ago I …

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10 drugstoe beauty finds fountainof30

Top 10 Drugstore Beauty Finds For Women Over 35

I love high-end beauty products as much as the next woman, but if I can find something that works just as well (and sometimes better) at the drugstore, I’m all over it! Besides, I’d rather use that saved cash for something really important like a new designer bag or shoes! Smart women spend their money …

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L'Oréal Paris Asks When Did You Last Answer the "Because I'm Worth It" Question?

Can you believe it has been 40 years since L’Oréal Paris launched their landmark “Because I’m Worth It” slogan? Has it really been that long? It’s true. The slogan reflects an extraordinary journey that has accompanied women’s empowerment over the past four decades. Written in 1971 when a social revolution and a new spirit of …

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