Paperless Post: Sometimes The Best Things Come In The (E)Mail

Some of us still send cards and invites right? I’m talking about real, sent in the mail invites and cards. Well I really don’t for events I’m hosting that much anymore. Emailing is so much easier and thankfully more accepted too. However, most online cards and invite sites don’t offer much in the way of reflecting my personal style. I want my email invitations to look and feel like the ones I would send in the mail…beautiful.

Enter Our Gift Card Giveaway!

Going somewhere? Would you like to? Or maybe you need a unique gift idea. In lieu of the usual products that are featured tirelessly every holiday season (even on our site), switch things up this year by introducing the gift of experience, courtesy of

A gift card presents the perfect opportunity to give a gift that allows recipients to choose their own present, whether that’s a romantic getaway with a significant other, a family vacation, or a well-deserved escape from everyday life.

The Truth Behind Cruelty-Free Makeup

Think about it, do you really want your makeup tested on animals? Why should animals be tortured in the name of our beauty and if it can’t be tested on humans, do you really want to put it on your face? I don’t. You may have noticed (thankfully) there is a big push for cosmetics companies to no longer test on animals. You might also be amazed in this day and age how many cosmetics companies are still animal testing

Get Out of Town In Chic Travel Style!

Need a break from it all? Just wanna get away from the hustle of the city? Well, you’re in luck! Now is definitely the best time for travel. That little break in October, right before the holidays arrive is just the relaxation and recharge your body needs to make it through to 2017. It doesn’t have to be anywhere far, or even warm, just a place where you can decompress away from work and get focused on a little more play.