Got Grays? May I Suggest Root Concealer Sprays

There are now all kinds of hair care products and vitamins that claim to help hair grow. How about offering one product that makes hair stop growing – especially for those of us who have to color our hair? I have a standing appointment with my colorist every 6 weeks, but by week 4 my roots are already showing and it drives me batty. It’s not just the grays either, but that definitive line you can see from the color and the regrowth. Well thank GOD for spray root concealers! They buy you another two weeks in-between appointments so I always make sure to have some on hand.

What’s Inside My Makeup Bag? Take a Peek!

Believe it or not I’ve actually been asked what I carry in my makeup bag. Probably because it’s usually jam packed or it could just be idle curiosity. Now keep in mind these are the items I carry everywhere with me. What I use on a daily basis to have my makeup ready is for another post – another time.


BaseLift™: The Non-Surgical Face Lift

Who really wants to go under the knife in the name of maintaining a youthful appearance? Not me. It’s not to say I wouldn’t consider it, but fillers have come such a long way, I don’t feel the need to run out and do anything drastic, painful and expensive. At least not yet. So when I heard of the non-surgical BaseLift developed and perfected by Dr. Bracci at Verve Medical Cosmetics I had to learn everything about it!

What You Need To Know About Korean Beauty When You’re Over 35


I’m sure by now you have heard Korean beauty products are all the rage (that’s where BB creams originated). Why? Well Korean’s take their skin care very seriously and value a healthy complexion. Therefore many of their products are innovative, revolutionary, gentle and best of all…fairly inexpensive.

EyeRise™ Revisited

Several years ago I wrote a post on my life-changing, non-surgical EyeRise™ treatment by Dr. Bracci  at Verve Medical Cosmetics (Verve’s Non-Surgical EyeRise™…a Dream Come True!). The post was wildly popular and I was asked about the procedure by friends, friends of family and total strangers and since I’m all too willing to share, I did. …

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