3 Ways to Instantly Elevate a Basic T-shirt and Jeans In a Fashion Emergency

I wear jeans almost every day and recently (for no particular reason) I decided to “glam up” my white scoop neck T-shirt and faded jeans with a blingy statement necklace from J.Crew. I know statement necklaces are not considered “on trend” but I don’t care, I still like the look and sometimes you have to go with your gut. I like the contrast of a bold necklace especially in summer and with casual clothes. I got compliments on my statement necklace all day from everyone

Looks For Less: The Nostalgic Nineties

For better or for worse, the 90’s decade is trending again in the fashion world. While I’m sure we could all take a pass on accessories like acid wash jeans, cheap tattoo chokers and jelly bracelets and sandals, some looks are worth reincorporating into your current ensembles. This time around, brands are doing a great job of making this trend feel fresh and updating pieces to not feel so “grungy.” Here are some of my favorite 90s pieces to wear without looking like you’re an extra in Clueless or a Nirvana music video.