3 Ways to Instantly Elevate a Basic T-shirt and Jeans In a Fashion Emergency

I wear jeans almost every day and recently (for no particular reason) I decided to “glam up” my white scoop neck T-shirt and faded jeans with a blingy statement necklace from J.Crew. I know statement necklaces are not considered “on trend” but I don’t care, I still like the look and sometimes you have to go with your gut. I like the contrast of a bold necklace especially in summer and with casual clothes. I got compliments on my statement necklace all day from everyone –  from the girls at the bank, to the grocery check-out lady, to male associates at work. So I “held that thought” and decided to keep my statement necklace on hand (in my briefcase) at all times so I could pull it out at a moments notice in case of a fashion emergency, including impromptu drinks with the girls or dinner after work. My statement necklace worked beautifully to take my look to the next level at a recent lake weekend in Michigan. It elevated my T-shirt and jeans (I was wearing all afternoon) in an instant (with so little effort) when we went out for a casual dinner.

I thought of 2 other pieces to keep with me at all times in my car and at work. Besides the statement necklace, I added a pair of statement pumps and a sleek jacket. These are 2 other items that will elevate your t-shirt and jeans to the next level. It works with one, any combination of two or all three of these items. Note: You may need to bring down the bling a bit on the shoes and necklace if you decide to wear all three pieces together.



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Find a statement necklace that attracts you! From vintage inspired gemstone pieces, to heavy metal collars to embellished beading, tassels, feathers and fringe you can find a statement to make your own.


Statement pumps from metallic loafer styles to strappy rockstuds are a great investment. You can wear them to play the starring role with your jeans and then again for dress up. But I bet you wear them more with your jeans! Take a look at the pumps I picked – not all of them are killer high heels, although I could not resist showing you a few.


A simple black blazer, clean leather moto jacket or tuxedo inspired jacket gives an instantly chic and more businesslike look to your jeans and T-shirt ensemble. I recommend a sleek jacket without too many bells and whistles (such as zippers and buttons) so it does not compete with your statement accessories.

If you don’t drive a car to work everyday, keep these items in your office or within reach at all times!


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