Summer Statement Shoes for Your Inner Child

Sure, you could take the easy road and stick with your Grecian-style sandals in a neutral hue, but the sun is out and your toes are painted so throw caution to the wind and indulge in a memorable pair of summer statement shoes.

Trust me, I’m a repeat offender. In head-to-toe black (or some other saturated hue) I have my own versions of summer-winter-spring-fall uniforms. But after all these years I think it’s time prove to myself that the world will not end should something bright and, well, vaguely uplifting grace my feet. Here are some styles that might foot the bill (sorry, couldn’t resist)

Brother Vellies Tufted Dhara Shearling and Leather Sandals


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While I would suggest checking the weather forecast before slipping into these shearling sandals, I think with a simple LBD these would be cute on anyone. And I love the fact that they aren’t slip-ons. I’m no fortune-teller but I can see enough into my future to know I trip over myself and fall flat on my face. So cheers to a nice, friendly buckle.

Gucci, Peggy Jacquard Platform Sneaker, Multi

So technically these aren’t sandals, but since I haven’t worn sneakers outside of the gym for decades, these would typically have as much chance of being worn as the above summer shoes. And technically they are platform sneakers…so I think I can justify going for it. Who can say no to that shimmering jacquard in jewel tones? Sneaker luxe? I’m in.

Figue, Metallic Scaramouche Sandals

This pair would usually be a triple threat: metallic, pink and flat (and I don’t mean that in a talent kind of way. I mean hair-raising, horrifying threat). Yet something about this pair is speaking my language. Maybe it’s the tassels that have the sculptural Jeff Koons-like detail. I say wear them with all black (yes, again) and make them your artistic statement for the day.

Christian Louboutin Madmonica Leather Wedge Espadrille Sandals

I’m sure for other people, these actually seem pretty reasonable. Not for me. Although I have visions of myself embodying Ibiza-chic style, espadrilles always seem to look a little drab and cheap on my toes. But I think these could be a game-changer. With white jeans and a flowy blouse I might pull off the I’m-on-a-Spanish-holiday look.

Charlotte Olympia Barbie Girl Platform Sandals

There is something hilariously perverse about these shoes. Not only does the creepy-clown-like vintage Barbie face look vaguely irritated and angry, but she may even be donning a feather boa for a bit of a “Whatever happened to Baby Jane” aura. They bring out every wicked, dark urge in me. It’s the kind of thing I would wear with an Armani suit—just to see who’s paying attention.

-Tamsin James

BTW, if these shoes are not your jam check out Slides For Under $100 and Wood Heeled Shoes.

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