Summer Shoe Sense: In Praise of The Wedge

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Summer is officially upon us and, with it, the most social of the seasons: the Polo! Anyone who has navigated these sometimes treacherous social waters can tell you that the first order of business is wearing shoes that won’t sink into the grass. After all, you can’t stomp the divots between chukkers in stiletto anything. Remember the age-old adage: Beware of the Steaming Divot!
This season, the wedge has undergone one of its most extreme makeovers, much as its cousin, the lowly sneaker, has in recent seasons. Jimmy Choo has transformed the classic cork wedge by topping it off with bronze metallic leather and a Fifty Shades of Grey ankle strap. Who doesn’t like a bit of light bondage in her summer shoes?
Gucci crossed two summer classics – the wedge and the espadrille – into one perfect summer shoe. Take one dusty rose peeptoe sandal, wrap the wedge in Gucci embossed suede, give it first an espadrille platform and then add a second cork wedge platform and you have a recipe for summer shoe success. You will be all set to take on whatever the summer social season throws at you.
The espadrille has come a long way from its peasant origins. First elevated to high fashion status by Chanel – Coco, not Kaiser Karl – this simple shoe has since morphed into the stylish jute wrapped wedge we know today. In the classic flat version, a full rainbow of colors and patterns can get you through an entire summer. In the newest versions, you only need two pairs in this season’s neutral colors.
Prada’s patent leather espadrille wedge in blush is the summer season’s must-have shoe. This is not Shelby’s bridal pepto bismol pink from Steel Magnolias. This is the palest of pinks that compliments any skin tone, or outfit. If nude patent has been your go-to shoe in the cooler months, then think of this as the slightly more summery version.
By now, you’ve scanned the photos and are probably wondering where this other “neutral” summer color is. The answer – right in front of you – red, white, and blue. It’s not that I’m a patriot – although I am. Blue-and-white have long been summer nautical staples, but why blend into the crowd? Add a pop of red – on any day but the 4th of July – and you’ll be the apple of everyone’s eye in these Louboutins.
Finally, some of you might think that finding the perfect white summer shoe is like waiting for lightning to strike. Well, why leave it to chance? Giuseppe Zanotti, known for designing shoes with heels that look perilous but actually aren’t, has a double platform T-strap wedge featuring a cutout heel and a golden lightning bolt accent. Could this shoe be more brilliant? Sudden summer showers have ruined many an afternoon gathering, but would you care about getting a little wet if you brought your own lightning?
Regardless of whether you’re hanging out with Nacho Figuero between chukkers in the Hamptons or hosting a suburban garden party, the right shoes will keep you upright on the lawn. Why risk spilling perfectly chilled Moet to wear the season’s “it shoe” for city life when you’re in the country? Wedges will serve you well all summer long!
1. Jimmy Choo Neston Metallic Leather, Canvas & Cork Wedge Sandals, $525
2. Gucci Hollie Suede Cork Wedge Sandals, $550
3. Prada Patent Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandals, $650
4. Christian Louboutin Spachica Patent Leather Espadrille Wedge Sandals, $675
5. Giuseppe Zanotti Metal-Trimmed Cutout-Wedge Leather Sandals, $117

– Joseph Ungoco
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