Summer '15 Fashion Trend: Uneven Hems (Not The Mullet)

I need to be perfectly clear, while I hate a mullet hem…I adore uneven hems. You might be thinking, “what’s the difference?” Well, a mullet hem is usually much shorter in the front than it is in the back (business in the front, party in the back). The mullet hem (or high-low) was a trend two summers ago and I never warmed up to it (just as I never warmed to the mullet hair style). Uneven hems include, tulips (wraplike), shirt tails (slightly longer in the back), handkerchief and asymmetrical cuts. If this is still unclear take a look at the dresses, skirts and tops I have found which should hopefully not answer any questions, but inspire as well. Go ahead, and get uneven with it.

-Lauren Dimet Waters

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