Style Nurse: A Personal Styling And Lifestyle Webseries Created Just For Men

Have you ever encountered that guy, the one who was smart, sweet and handsome but his personal style kind of just ruined him so that pretty much ended your chances? Well, you’re not the only one out there that’s been in that same scenario. In fact, according to last year’s GQ Magazine, Chicago was the fourth worst dressed city in America. That equals a lot of horribly dressed men. To their credit, they often ask us what to wear.
That’s where Style Nurse comes into the picture. Style Nurse is a Chicago-based personal styling and lifestyle series specifically for men to help get them out of their style rut. This web series caters to the professional male helping them get dressed for any event, build a closet, date and learn proper etiquette. It gives them the opportunity to show up at an event looking and feeling like the best possible version of themselves.
“Men with style have the competitive edge in all areas of life.  Style is not elusive, it’s attainable, and the Style Nurse series makes developing or maintaining your personal style in dress and attitude easy, effortless and fun,” said Sandra Sarmonpal, Founder of Style Nurse.
The best thing about the Style Nurse is that it makes it easy for men to absorb information. Remember, if these guys don’t know how to dress properly they’re usually not the ones flipping through fashion magazines all day – something succinct is what they need. Each webisode is about one to two minutes long and covers topics like dating etiquette, picks for date night and the essentials of style.
This online fashion destination for men fills the gap between the fashion industry and the working male, making it easier for men to look good regardless of time or money. Honestly, it’s about time we start a movement to save the fashionless men of Chicago! Viva Style Nurse!
For more information on Style Nurse visit or check out their Kickstarter Campaign.
–Jamie Wilson

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