Bag To Carry Now And Later: The Striped Bag

Who can resist the Jackie O striped Gucci bag? Apparently nobody because the style keeps coming back. I so wish I had not killed my vintage one (via my mother) in the late 90’s. Anyway, the style of the striped bag with its simple yet statement-making vertical center stripes has influenced the design of a considerable amount of bags this upcoming fall which is evident below. How to wear the striped bag? I love it with a crisp white menswear inspired shirt to make the bag stand out. Come winter, try a fisherman’s sweater. Pair either top with a pencil skirt or your favorite worn jeans. It will pop beautifully.

Take a look at the striped bags I found available now. You can carry this vertically striped bag now and be ahead of the crowd.


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Comments (4)

  • Nice collection of striped bags. I’ve always loved purses.

    Fountain Of 30 2 years ago Reply

    Thanks! Glad you liked them! We love them!

  • CS PIERCY 2 years ago Reply

    I cannot find the price of your handbags. Please provide the cost of each of the red bags. Thank you.

    Carol Calacci 2 years ago Reply

    Please click on each the square photos of individual handbags below the article to shop!

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