Stefano Lungo Changes Watch – One Watch You Wear 3 Ways

Your watch should be as colorful as your life! My first real watch when I was a young preppy girl living in Buffalo, NY was called a Croton and you changed the fabric band to match your outfit. In fact it became all about how many watch bands you had for the watch. The bands were solid, striped, polka dot…you name it and I displayed them all on a ribbon that hung in my bedroom. I wore that watch for years. I think that’s why I adore my STEFANO LUNGO CHANGES watch. This watch brings back the same wonderful memories, but in a more sophisticated fashion.

Stefano Lungo Changes Watch – One Watch You Wear 3 Ways

First the round quartz watch face is oversized which I just appreciate and you can chose between a silver or rose gold finish. Each set ($123) comes with three wristbands you choose in your favorite colors. The wristbands are super simple to change which allows you to make your watch fit your look instantly!

Stefano Lungo Changes Watch 3 band colors blue pink black


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Watches are STEFANO LUNGO’s passion. So he is always looking for new trends and styles for men and women who want to reinvent themselves every day. His watches not only appeal to people who want color in their life, but those who want to be flexible, fashionable, curious, comfortable in their skin and up to date, yet not trendy.

About Stefano Lungo

STEFANO LUNGO is passionate about about his watches. Made in Cologne (Germany) he’s as committed to quality as he is to design. The distinctive textile wristbands feature a solid and reliable quartz clockwork protected by scratch-proof sapphire glass. With CHANGES, STEFANO LUNGO combines timeless design with the positive energy of beautiful colors you choose, yet can reinvent every single day you wear it.


Each STEFANO LUNGO CHANGES watch set is $123 and includes free shipping to the US.

Visit to order your set.

Stefano Lungo Changes Watch with pink band and tiger print handbag

Stefano Lungo Changes Watch lauren dimet waters black band fountainof30

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