Do You Have The New “It” Trend In Jewelry?

First it was the statement ring (2007?), then it was the statement necklace (2010?) then it was the statement bracelet (2015?) and now it’s all about statement earrings. Now if you are old enough to remember the 80’s you already lived through this trend once, but it’s back. In fact, you may already have a few pairs stashed away somewhere. Tiny is out and big and bold is in! This trend will take you through the spring and summer so don’t fear it is not here to stay – for at least a season or two more.

The whole idea of any piece of statement jewelry is that it is meant to stand out on its own. That means the rest of your jewelry should be simple if not minimal. For someone like me who has serious metal allergies, this trend presents a bit of a problem (I tend to rotate the same few safe pairs). Most statement earrings are not made of high-quality materials (odd since they can cost a fortune), so I have to limit myself to ones that dangle and have gold wires (it’s a total pain, but keeps me from wasting tons of money). Also statement earrings can be quite heavy so unless you want those pierced holes of yours the size of dimes, you may want to consider clip-ons.

Whichever pair you chose, make sure your earrings are bold! We are not talking about giant gold hoops, but earrings that start a conversation…so wear your hair back if it’s long or be daring and go there with short hair! You are never too old to make this trend work for you. Just do it!


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Here are some statement earrings you can grab right now at virtually every price point.


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