Trends. Winter's Almost Over, Break Out The Tights One Last Time.

Spring is just about here! But before you get winter completely out of your system, take this opportunity to wear your tights proudly. They're a great way to show off those shapely legs (or hide problem areas if you think you have them down there.) But more so, it's just another way to make a really amazing fashion statement!

Tights  have always been a go-to style and a trend, but this year, many have upped the ante as far as color, and pattern are concerned. Also, nude, beige, and solid black have always proven to work, but have you ever thought about green, blue, pink, yellow, or gold. What about sequined, shiny, textured, lace or digital prints. Could you do it?

(Yes, we're talking fish-nets and lace, as worn on your favorite celebs here. But it's all about knowing how to wear them with your outfit the right way.)


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Offbeat tights, while sometimes a bit out there, when carefully styled, can truly make for an incredible way to top off a look. You may think these tights are only made for girls who like to dress like punks, twentysomethings, or teenagers but it's just so not true anymore. Kick it up a notch by adding some variety to your tights and you'll really throw us all for a loop–in a good way, of course.  

Here are some of my favorites:

Eccentric Tights

Slither your way into a pair of snake-skin patterned tights for a totally off-the-wall look that chic-centric at the same time.

Vibrancy is key when wearing eccentric tights, but so are lots of solids on top so you don't want to get too busy in your ensemble unless you can really pull off the mismatched prints look (and not many people can.) 

One of the best labels I've found to complete this look is Gal Stern's brand Dare to Wear-Gal Stern. The budding Israeli textile designer has developed a new hand dye technique with her tights to give it a unique handmade appeal, while also combining materials like cotton and nylon for something truly out of this world!

Her designs feature fish, snake, lizard, and shark prints in a unique blend of shapes, patterns, textures and colors. They are mainly inspired by the world of snakes, scales, and reptiles and are gleaming their way to the top. 

They're a fun way to dress up a white skirt or even a black cocktail dress at your next party. You'll definitely be forming a second (snake) skin!

You can currently find Gal Stern selling in Topstitch Boutique in Philadelphia, Tel Aviv Couture in Chicago or contact her directly at [email protected] for information. 

Crystal, Sequin, and Studded Tights

Embellishments are definitely the way to go and designers like Doo.Ri and Carolina Herrera are prone to them. One of the best current trends on the runway (and on the market) are bling-emblazoned legwear. We're talking Swarovski crystal-encrusted tights at the very best and grommet studs at he very least.

Last year, Doo.Ri's crystal- and sequin-studded tights caused such a stir, people were begging to buy them, said WWD. Doo.Ri had to tell them they were merely for show and non functional, but it was then she knew something needed to be done to bring them to the forefront. 

Little by little, here they are. Heavily decorated legs are always fun, but bejeweled embellishments can certainly help you inch your way towards being the star of the party. And if you're not going to do it yourself as an arts & crafts project,you can look to Free People or Nasty Gal for a glitzy, studded pair.  

Heart Tights

Fishnets and lace be damned, there's a new pattern on the market. Heart tights are taking the place of everything goth and turning it into sweet glamour. While H&M certainly makes a mean pair, designer brand J Mendel also featured a lovely set at his Fall '10 showing in New York.

Of course, there's American Apparel, New Look, and Dorothy Perkins for your fancy, but my favorites have to be the subtlely sultry nylon ones from Tabio, which make a quiet statement that will get everyone noticing. They're way cute and only about $12.

Heart tights will go great under everything from denim short short to a black tulip skirt for that wonderful, romantic Alice in Wonderland effect. It's sort of a Betsy Johnson meets Erin Fetherston look in a very Victorian setting. 

Photos: Gal Stern, Refinery29, Tabio, People, Camp for Comfort

-Simon Kogan

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