Something Smells Yummy! The Delirium & Co Scarlet Grapefruit Candle


I am obsessed with sceneted candles and admit I have them stashed all over my home. I love to have one burning while I am working (or when the dog is in need of a bath). My current favorite is Delirium & Co's Scarlet Grapefruit candle. The crisp scent is perfect for summer and is toally relaxing! The soy-blend candle is composed of an intoxicating mix of ruby red grapefruit, red currants, apple, mandarin, jasmine and amber. I am always on the hunt for a scented candle that doesn't smell too girly so my husband enjoys it too and this one fits the bill perfectly. Better yet, it will burn for over 55 hours!

Delirium & Co. was created by the founder of the Candle Delirium store in West Hollywood, CA that carries over 30 of the most sought after candle lines. Now, Delirium & Co. candles are available at Gracious Home and Blue & Cream in NYC. They are also available at

Delirium & Co Scarlet Grapefruit Candle for $38 at

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