How to Style The Best Ski Outfit Essentials for Less

Not many things beat the feeling of freedom while skiing down a mountain. It’s so satisfying and thrilling to hear your skis woosh over the powdery snow. Stopping for a delicious lunch with winter cocktails or hanging out in the hot tub afterwards is fun too! My grandpa is on the National Ski Patrol and I’ve been skiing since I was six, so I know how important it is to have the right gear, and how pricey a ski outfit can be. Luckily, I was able to pull an entire ski outfit together with each piece costing less than $100! I’ve also included some tips I have learned over the years to keep in mind when you hit the slopes. Here’s how to style ski outfit essentials for less.

Ski Outfit Essentials from $15 to under $100

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Warm Beanie, Ski Goggles and Neck Warmer

This fair isle beanie from The North Face has a cool graphic design and is perfect for keeping your head and ears toasty. For actual skiing though, I highly recommend wearing a helmet, it gives your head lots of protection and it’ll give you piece of mind!


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If you’re hitting the slopes, you’ll definitely need goggles. It’s extremely important to have good depth perception and block the glare from the sun. Compared to other brands, Smith’s googles are reasonably priced and will last many seasons. They come in many different colors for both the strap and the lens.

A neck warmer from Turtlefur is a total game changer. When I was younger, I subjected my face to so much wind leaving my dry skin was a nightmare to deal with! Then I got this neck warmer that you wear on your face up to your goggles. It keeps you warm, is a savior for your skin and in these times, is another barrier to protect yourself and others from Covid while skiing.

Cozy Knit Sweater and Leggings

You want to be comfy under your ski gear and in the ski lodge. This pretty dusty pink henley knit sweater from Nordstrom is perfect for wearing at home, too.

You’ll want to wear some stretchy leggings under your ski pants. I personally have these leggings from Amazon and the high waist is very flattering. I’ve worn them for months working from home and running errands and they are holding up well.

Women’s Ski Jackets and Gloves

Skiing is a fun way to express your style. I personally like to wear bright colors because you really pop against the snow. It’s safer too, as Ski Patrol members can spot you if you fall and need help. I have specific ski jackets I wear only for skiing, but any short waterproof jacket will do the trick. This colorful, sporty jacket from Amazon is 3-in-1 and comes in six colors! I adore the bright hues. Target also has ski and snowboard jackets that feature fun patterns and are reasonably priced.

If you prefer a puffer jacket you can also wear off the slopes to get a good cost-per-wear, Target has one available in black and white. Whichever jacket you choose, just make sure the pockets zip up so you can keep your phone, keys and credit card with you at all times! There’s nothing worse than losing something on the slopes.

Ski gloves can be a tricky investment because you might not wear them in your everyday life. Luckily Amazon has some affordable options like this pair from B-Forest. The bright pink color will come in handy if you accidentally lose a glove and need to find it in the snow.

Ski Pants, Socks and Boots

Ski pants can get pretty expensive, but fortunately there are some affordable pairs available on Amazon. This pair from Arctix is fleece lined, waterproof and has a hidden pocket for storing your essentials like lip balm.

When I ski, my toes are the part of my body that always gets cold first, and I’ve found thermal socks help! These thermal insulated ski socks come in many different colors and are available on Amazon.

Finally, you’ll need a pair of boots to leave in your ski locker or car and to wear in the ski lodge. This pair of lace up boots from ASOS have chunky soles and a pull tab so you can easily slip them on, which is helpful after a full day of skiing!

Tips for Styling a Ski Outfit

  • Ensure your ski pants and jacket are waterproof so you don’t get wet and cold.
  • Wear a helmet and bright colors so others can spot you on the slopes.
  • A pair of goggles is important to block sun glare and for depth perception.
  • Wear a covering on your face and neck to save your skin from wind burn.
  • Zippered pockets are key so you don’t lose your valuables.
  • Thermal ski socks help keep your toes warm.
  • Ski gloves are worth purchasing, regular mittens won’t be warm enough.

Shop Ski Outfit Essentials for Less

The North Face Fair Isle Beanie, $32 

Smith Drift Ski Goggles, $55

Turtlefur Micro Fur Fleece Double Layer Neck Warmer, $23

Halogen Robbed Henley Sweater, $69

Amazon Leggings Depot High Waisted Solid Leggings, $14

MAGCOMSEN Women’s Winter Coats 3-IN-1 Snow Ski Jacket Water Resistant Windproof, $64

Target Chamonix Marlow Women’s Snowboard Jacket, $70

Target Chamonix Blanche Puffy Short Women’s Jacket, $80

Amazon B-Forest Women’s Winter Ski Gloves, $17

Arctix Women’s Sarah Fleece Lined Softshell Ski Pants, now $45

Amazon Warm Thermal Insulated Ski Socks, $13

ASOS Design Lace Up Boots in Beige Canvas on Black Chunky Sole, $79

Do you plan to go skiing this year? What is your favorite ski essential for less?

– Claire Mykrantz

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