Drool Worthy Shoes Under $100

I’m going to be honest, I’m not normally a fan of inexpensive shoes. Mostly because they usually hurt my feet. I know that is a gross generalization, but over the years I have found it to be true. Also, my more expensive shoes tend to last longer which makes them worth the investment. Therefore you know what I am going to say – if you want a trendy shoe that you know you will only wear one season or a pair of espadrilles for summer that you know will only last one season – go for the cheaper pair.

Here are some tips for inexpensive shoe shopping. Just like clothing, make sure the seams line up if there is a pattern and check the soles. Hard as rock rubber soles are not good for your back (I should know). I always look at the soles of shoes and if the rubber does not move or flex in the slightest I know they are trouble. Leather soles are generally the most comfortable, but not typically found on many inexpensive shoes.

ASOS is my go-to for trendy inexpensive shoes (even Zara’s shoes can come in over $100 easily). Oddly when I do wear my ASOS shoes I get the most compliments, figures right? Another tip with “inexpensive” shoes is to stay away from too faux-looking leather (you know what I mean) and stick to black.


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I went ahead and picked out shoes and boots that are currently under $100. Some are on sale and others are for summer, but many you can wear right now. Oh and if you have not yet bought a pair of Chelsea style rubber rain boots, I suggest you do so now. I wear mine all the time (which basically says we have been having a very wet winter) and most pairs come in well under $100.

Here are my Under $100 Shoe Picks;

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