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I realize I should do a post on what to pack for a quick beach weekend away, and I will soon (as I am going away for a beach weekend by the end of summer). But in the meantime, if you are traveling somewhere for just a few days, you need to consider Savvy Travelers. I don’t know about you, but my toiletries take up most of my carry-on bag. There’s hardly room for my clothes, not to mention shoes. Or if you take short business trips you already know it’s no fun trying to stuff your beauty and skincare products into those tiny 3.4 oz containers allowed in the overhead bins on planes. I wind up checking my bag because I can’t be bothered. Not anymore!


Savvy Travelers are a collection of designer beauty wipes curated specifically for the sophisticated woman on the go! The company was founded BFFs Tina Aldatz and Margie Floris in April 2014. They are the same team that brought our feet Foot Petals. The wipes will keep you clean and looking fabulous from head-to-toe and no water (especially gross airplane water) is needed! There are wipes for antiperspirant (NO SWEAT), washing and moisturizing your face (TAKE OFFZ), antibacterial hand and boy wipes (KLEAN UPZ), freshening your mouth and cleaning your teeth (SPEAK EAZY), cleaning your eyeglass lenses and smartphone screen (IN THE KLEAR) and even wipes for sanitizing your area on the plane or your hotel room (CLEAN OFFZ).


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The best part is Savvy Traveler wipes are environmentally friendly (sustainable, biodegradable & compostable), not tested on animals, made using clean, renewable solar energy and carry-on friendly and TSA compliant. So stuff as many as you wish into your bag! The only thing they are missing are SPF wipes (which I hope they add soon) so make sure to get some of those too!

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May I suggest the Jet Set Kit? It contains 4 NO SWEAT – antiperspirant and deodorant wipes; 4 IN THE KLEAR – lens and screen cleaning wipes; 4 TAKE OFFZ – facial cleansing wipes and 4 SPEAK EAZY – mouth cleansing wipes. It’s just $20 and a great way to try the wipes.

So now you can feel fresh and fabulous everywhere you go!

Visit SavvyTravelers to learn more and to order.


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Disclosure; samples provided for review, but opinion are entirely my own.

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