Interview. Sabina Les and Her Fabulous Scarves

Sabina Les wearing her Signature Profile Paisley scarf.

I met Sabina Les a few months ago at a NYC fashion group lecture I attended. Not only was she very approachable, she was wearing a beautiful silk scarf that was perfect for the warmer (at that time) spring months. It was oblong and as stunning as any necklace could have been. Turns out she was sporting one of her own designs. Sabina Les is the designer of her new eponymous line of scarves.

The Sabina Les printed silk scarves collection:

Reptile Chain 10" x60"

Signature Profile Leather Net 36"

Signature Profile Paisley

Reptile Chain Square 21"

Animal Stud 36"

Circles Net 20"

I recently had a chance to interview Sabina:


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SCS: So tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to design your line of scarves.

SL: I’ve been working in the industry for about 10 years with some of the most recognizable players and their smaller counter parts. I started out in print media designing high end advertisements and branding but since fashion was always been my passion I made a move into graphic and fashion design. Combining my creative and business experiences along with my BS in Marketing it was a comfortable transition to start a brand at this point of my life.

SCS: Why scarves?

SL: I was searching for “my own initial collection” and had “the aha” moment when realized that over the years I’ve designed various fashion items but never silk printed scarves. It was a very exciting decision to combine my love for prints and scarves into “The printed silk scarves collection.”

SCS: What is the inspiration behind your new/current collection?

SL: This particular collection was inspired by textures and graphics. Snake, reptile and fishnet textures are prominent along with metal chains and studs. Softness and hardware. The perfect combination.

SCS: Do you think you will eventually add more than scarves to your collection and if so, what is next and when?

SL: Absolutely and I can’t wait. I have had requests for men’s accessories. Also, I’m looking into adding bags and hair accessories.

SCS:  Which one/style is the most popular?

SL: The most popular style and one of my favorites is The Reptile Chain oblong scarf. (That's my favorite too.)

SCS: What was the best advice anyone ever gave you?

SL: Not being afraid to try and if it fails then try with a different approach or cut your losses.

SCS: Where do you see your business in five years?

SL: The 5 year plan goal is to: grow the brand into a recognizable both women’s and men’s lifestyle brand; establish a strong e-commerce and retail partnerships; loyal customer following; co-design, co-branding, private label and licensing ventures.

SCS: What has been your proudest moment to date?

SL: I’m heavily involved with non-profit for St.Jude and Sunflower Children. Some of the scarves were part of their recent silent auction and they were quite popular. A woman from Prague won a 36” Signature Profile square scarf and then emailed me how much she loves it along with pictures of her wearing it around Prague. I was very proud.

SCS:  Where can our readers find your collection?

SL: Currently the collection is being sold exclusively at A few other select e-commerce and retail outlets are in the works.

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

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