Russia Calls Michelle Obama's Style "Modest and Neutral" After Presidential Visit

The First Lady in a Jason Wu dress and flower pin in Italy last week

While most of the fashion media is zoned in on Paris this week, another form of fashion reviewing has been taking place a bit farther west of the couture runways. Russia, for example, has recently voiced their perspectives on the stylistic choices made by First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been in Moscow with the President for the week. Whereas in other parts of Europe, Michelle made headlines with her fashion and created a media frenzy with each ensemble, Russian coverage of the First Lady's visit has been minimal overall, with even less attention attributed to her signature style which has consisted so far of standout designers Jason Wu, Michael Kors, and Narcisco Rodriguez. Stateside, fashion mags has been clamoring for shots of the First Lady to broadcast her looks while abroad. New York Magazine has even compiled a lookbook of Michelle's most notable outfits.

But for some reason, Russia's fashion community continues to be unimpressed.
Designer Denis Simachev seemed to speak for many by saying, “Her clothes are modest and neutral.” So what gets a Russian fashionista's heart racing then? Fashion historian Alexandre Vassiliev offered a description of cultural taste as, “A lot of Russians think that when something shines, it’s beautiful." So could the tepid reaction to Michelle Obama's taste be chalked up to different cultural preferences? Perhaps. The former editor of Elle Russia, Irina Mikhailovskaya, credited an entirely different reason. “It’s part of our state policy: America is our enemy, and everything about America is bad.” Can't we just agree that both of our nations enjoy Kira Plastinina and call it a day?


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Article Source: WWD, newyorkmag
Photo Source: zimbio
-Alia Rajput

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