Lohan Suspected of Copying Formula for Self- Tanning Spray

Lindsay Lohan with her Sevin Nyne tanning spray which she is being accused of copying

Oh Lindsay, what next?!! Reports surfaced yesterday that Lindsay Lohan and her business partners are being sued by an inventor and chemist in St. Petersburg, Florida for allegedly stealing the formula for Lohan's self-tanning mist Sevin Nyne. Jennifer Sunday filed a complaint in a federal court in Tampa on Sunday against Lohan saying, she had pitched the idea of the self-tanning spray to Lohan and her partners earlier this year. At the time, both parties entered into a confidentiality agreement and were on the verge of a deal but could not agree on final terms.

Then Lohan abruptly launched her product this spring at Sephora with the help of her personal tanning guru, Lorit Simon, and other partners in Lorit LLC, the spray’s parent company. Lohan's Sevin Nyne has, as Sunday claims, "exactly the same or nearly identical ingredients” to the product that Sunday herself had come up with. Sunday's lawyer added that it would have been virtually impossible for Lohan and her business partners to create the mist over the past three years, as Lohan claimed, because Sunday only recently completed the ingredients.


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Sunday currently works with White Wave International Labs Inc., is suing for breach of contract, theft of trade secrets and conspiracy, among other counts. She is seeking an injunction and unspecified damages in an as yet undisclosed amount.

Article Source: newyorkmag, WWD
Photo Source: dailynews
-Alia Rajput

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