Rocking Good Design! Rock Crystal For Your Home

Rock Crystal For Your Home

I was looking for some modern glam chandeliers for a client recently and I came across some really neat crystal pieces. These were not the traditional teardrop clear crystals, but rock crystal and pieces made up of shards of crystal creating a look that is beautiful, elegant and current. Rock crystal will add a look of stylish sophistication to your home.


Rock crystal is the name for clear crystalline quartz and comes from the Greek word for ice, krystallos, because it was originally thought to have been formed by ice. When modern geology began to develop in the eighteenth century this was disproved. For thousands of years rock crystal was used for divination, healing, and for awareness of current events in far off places through objects such as crystal balls. There is some truth to the power of quartz which is why it is used in watches to control accuracy. You can read about it here.


Crystals have been used as decorative objects throughout history, and now more than ever. In their original form they sit on bookshelves and table tops. Kept in their natural shapes they are turned into lamps, bowls and jewelry. Other times they are polished into various shapes to show off the internal fissures that give them their unique beauty. Crystal carvers were held in such high esteem for their amazing hand carving that there is a collection of these pieces in the treasure rooms at The Louvre in Paris, as well as other museums around the world.


Rock crystals are extraordinary because their icy clear appearance affords them the opportunity to be used in almost any style interior. They are both traditional and modern and work with any color scheme. This makes a rock crystal items a perfect gift that will be welcomed by most everyone.


1590-1610. Rock crystal vase/ Hyaline quartz, Enamel, Gold, Museo Del Prado

ZGallerie Crystal Tealight, $34.95

John-Richard Collection Selenite Table Lamp, now $1,987.50

Williams Sonoma Agate Bookends, Set of 2, $149

The Line Quartz Bowl, Large, $575

Rock Crystal Chandelier By Levi Wilson for Hammerton Studio, $5,995


Rock on! xxoo

– Madeleine

Madeleine is an Interior Designer and founder of Madeleine Donovan Interiors. Visit and on Facebook @mdichicago.

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