How To Style A Summer Rock Concert Outfit For Women Over 50

Summer is here and with it comes the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor music concert or two. It may be a big concert with one of your favorite bands that you’ve been planning to see for quite a long time and is finally on tour, or you may be taking advantage of enjoying music at summer street fairs and block parties with cover bands or local musicians. Whether the music event is large or small, you should dress the part and be ready to “rock your look” at the show. That’s why I put together a summer rock concert outfit for women over 50, with the option of wearing it high-end or low-price.

Summer Concert Outfit For Women Over 50

The music doesn’t necessarily have to be rock to wear what I would call a classic concert outfit. Basically, this look is a combination of being a rock star in faded jeans, studded boots and reflective sunglasses. And you also want to exude being a fan wearing a concert t-shirt and carrying a small bag for your phone (so you can find your friends and take tons of photos). I chose a classic Led Zeppelin t-shirt, but you can wear this look with any concert tee that is meaningful to you. This outfit will work at any concert from country to pop to retro to jazz. 

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Style It High and Low

This rock concert outfit can be worn by women of all ages. Now that you’re in midlife, you may have the cash to invest in a pair of Chloe booties. But if you want to get the look for less, I have you covered. Or you may want to mix up some of the high-end pieces (on the left) with the low priced lookalikes (on the right) for what is know as high low styling. 

The Screen Print Concert T-Shirt

Style your rock concert outfit around your favorite band t-shirt. A short sleeve tee works best for summer and you can loosely tuck it into your jeans and roll up the sleeves to give it a sort of cap-sleeve look. This black and white Lauren Moshi Myra Led Zeppelin Tee for $121 is an upscale version of a classic with intentionally distressed areas and crystal embellishments in 100% cotton. But a much less expensive option is to get this men’s Led Zeppelin Short Sleeve Graphic Crewneck T-Shirt for $14. (I wear a size 6 and would get it in a small to fit, or a medium for a looser look.) At this price you can add a few of your own slashes, perhaps one under the neckline to get the Lauren Moshi look. An a third option (not shown here) is to wear a concert tee you already own!

Basic Faded Denim Jeans

A basic pair of denim jeans in a light faded blue color are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Find a pair that flatters and will keep you comfortable like a straight leg or looser cut. These AG Ex-Boyfriend Slim Jeans are a good investment for $245. However, if you can sacrifice the fit and fabric of a premium pair of jeans, these H&M Slim Straight High Jeans for only $34.99 will do the trick and save you over $200.

Cool Studded Booties

Now that you’re over 50, you may be able to afford a pair of Chloé Susanna Pointed-Toe Studded Booties for $1,395. They are statement-making, collectable and drool-worthy. Besides, you know will find many other ways to wear them. However, these Dolce Vita Ronnie Booties are a little less blingy and are now on sale for $159.90.

A Metallic Minibag

Some concert venues may not allow a handbag, but if you can carry a bag, a multicolor metallic minibag will glam up your rock concert outfit and give you a place to stash your phone and sunglasses (when the sun goes down). This Sophia Webster Mariposa Mini Ombre Metallic Shoulder Bag is now on sale for $512! It is so amazing in it’s multicolor shades and the butterfly wing hardware goes with the Led Zeppelin motif wings (although we don’t want to get too matchy-matchy). What? You don’t want top spend $512 on a bag for a concert? This Kurt Geiger Rainbow Shop 690 Kensington Crossbody Bag for $195  will save you over $300.

Reflective Aviator Shades

For the total rock star look at your summer music concert, you need a pair of shades. Sunglasses serve to protect your eyes as well as make you look cool, and they may help you to get a better look at the band on stage. These Bottega Veneta Sardine Pilot Metal Sunglasses for $620 have a whimsical and sleek look. The arms are actually fish-shaped. But if you still want a pair of quality sunglasses for less cash, these Ray-Ban Unisex Aviator Sunglasses with brown gradient lenses are a less-expensive investment for $195 and have been cool for decades.

Rock Concert Outfit Styling Tips

1. Start with a concert t-shirt. Just because you’re over 50 it doesn’t mean you can’t wear a rock tee! Besides, an outdoor concert or street fair venue is the ideal place to wear one.  Find a tee that sparks a fine memory (for me it is Led Zeppelin in 1977) or simply boast your favorite bands. You can find updated versions of a tee from a concert you attended in the past, inexpensive reprints on Amazon or Etsy, or wear your own vintage t-shirt.

2. Wear comfortable faded jeans. Light colored denim will keep you cool in the summer and protect you from booth the sun and keep you warm when the temperatures drop in the evening.

3. Bling out in studded boots. A rock concert is the perfect venue to wear a pair of blingy shoes. Ankle boots with a low heel are a fantastic option because your toes are covered, your feet are protected, you can stand for hours, and if need be, walk for miles. Embellish booties are the only jewelry you will need.

Shop This Concert Outfit High and Low


Lauren Moshi Myra Led Zeppelin Tee, $121

AG Ex-Boyfriend Slim Jeans, $245

Chloé Women’s Susanna Pointed-Toe Studded Booties, $1,395

Sophia Webster Mariposa Mini Ombre Metallic Shoulder Bag, now $512

Bottega Veneta Sardine Pilot Metal Sunglasses, 64mm, $620

Total High-End Outfit: $2,527


Target Men’s Led Zeppelin Short Sleeve Graphic Crewneck T-Shirt – Black, $14

H&M Slim Straight High Jeans, $34.99

Dolce Vita Ronnie Booties, Now $159.90

Kurt Geiger Rainbow Shop 690 Kensington Crossbody Bag, $195

Ray-Ban Unisex Aviator Sunglasses, $195

Total Low-Priced Outfit: $598.89

Would you wear a graphic t-shirt to a music concert? How would you style it, high or low?


Carol Calacci

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How To Style A Rock Concert Outfit For Women Over 50 fountainof30 Summer Rock Concert Outfit High and Low fountainof30

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