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Mix Modern is coming to Manhattan. Say that 5 times. Seriously, the owner of Mix Modern boutique Evelyn Gorman is moving to NYC and she’s bringing her shop with her, apparently scouting locations as I type. The Houston-based boutique is synonymous with high-end retail in Houston and like the NYC-based Scoop and Intermix, uses a blend of American and European designers to curate each season’s collective spirit.

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— Joanne Molina for Second City Style

One More to Mix
Evelyn Gorman’s Houston boutique Manhattan-bound
(NEW YORK) Evelyn Gorman is looking to re-“Mix” the Big Apple—pun intended. The retailer and purveyor of Houston, Texas high-fashion pantheon Mix is planning a move to Manhattan this August due to her husband, John’s, job commitments. What’s more, Gorman, whose boutique in Houston last year burgeoned into a sleek and modern 4,500-square-foot emporium housing a bevy of upscale designers, including Chloé, Balenciaga, Bruno Frisoni, and Miu Miu, is eyeing opening an East Coast version of her highly-lauded retail concept. “I hope to do a multi-brand version of Mix in New York City,” said Gorman, whose presence in Manhattan will undoubtedly soon be felt loud and clear. Though the couple has an apartment in TriBeCa, Gorman indicated that she is looking uptown at various commercial real estate options. No timeframe has yet been set. The couple will make the move with their 3.5-year-old Blue Heeler-Labrador mix named Don Diego, while their daughter, Liz, will remain in Houston.

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