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Derek Lam Clothide Clutch with Ram Hardware $990.00 Eluxury


Derek Lam Jutta Bag with Chain Link Strap $1,100.00 ELuxury


Derek Lam Large Tote $1,990.00 Eluxury


Derek Lam Consuelo Bag with Lock and Shoulder Strap $1,950.00 Eluxury


Derek Lam Hildegard Hobo $1,800.00 Barneys


Derek Lam Aggie Brief $1,400.00 Barneys

I’m a sucker for a good bag, but also a bit of an odd bird. You can’t use the tried-and-true “the bag is real if her shoes and jacket are top notch” because I am just as likely to slum around in my Gap jeans, Rack shoes and carry around my very authentic old marc jacobs bags, YSLs or even my Louis’. But I have to say that maybe it’s the strange but powerful gold accents (ram’s head.. a little sexy pagan?) but these Derek Lam bags make me want to put on my best heels and chuck my vintage Burberry for a dashing new Dior trench. Oh, the power of Lam…– Joanne Molina for Second City Style

1 thought on “Handbags. Luxe Must-Have: Derek Lam Handbags. Second City Style Fashion Blog.”

  1. The Consuelo bag rivals many a Balenciaga…and Jutta bag is fierce in all of its glorious whiteness!
    About the ‘faux’ bag logic…it’s hard to apply a rule. I see people rocking tattered gear with a $2200 Spy bag. It’s that in your face “I don’t care (but you do)” attitude. LOL!


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