Retail Detail. Remember Chaiken and Capone? Well It's Back.

A spring look by the new Chaiken and Capone

Chaiken and Capone, famous for its cult following in the Nineties for great-fitting pants, is making a retail comeback this spring.

Founded by Julie Chaiken and Pamela Capone in 1994, Chaiken and Capone was the best place in the mid-Nineties for big city women to find pants with ultra-flattering cuts. Though Capone left the business in 1998 Chaiken continued to build the brand solo, renaming it Chaiken. With creative director Jeff Mahsie, Chiaken expanded the label expanded into a full collection of sportswear, outerwear, swimwear, maternity and eveningwear. Chaiken, which was shown on during New York Fashion Week, was sold in about 400 stores globally, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy’s West, Bloomingdale’s and Nordstrom.


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A spring look by the new Chaiken and Capone

Then in July 2008, Chaiken closed her New York showroom and moved all her operations to San Francisco. While the Chaiken business never officially closed, it spent the past couple working on private projects. Now, Chaiken is ready to come back full force. The designer told WWD she felt it was the right time to reintroduce the Chaiken and Capone label, which she owns. She showed the new line, which she and her team designed, to several stores last September, which picked it up for spring.

A spring look by the new Chaiken and Capone

Chaiken said the spring grouping is more casual. For fall, she intends to add chunky knits, leathers, some “go-to-work” looks and of course, the signature great-fitting pant. “It’s very classic and clean, while being fashion forward. That’s what people have always come to me for,” said Chaiken. The key demographic is the woman between 25 and 45, she said. “It’s the woman who understands that you can wear clean lines while still being a little bit sexy.”  She has no plans to have runway shows for the collection but keep an eye out for it to hit stores in New England, Atlanta, Dallas and our beloved Chicago for pring. Chaiken says the new Chiaken and Capone line will be less expensive than the Chaiken line was, with a more contemporary price point.

-Alia Rajput

Article and Photo Source: WWD

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