Street Smarts: The Puffer Jacket

As you probably know by now the “athleisure” trend has kept growing and it is NOT going anywhere. In fact it’s evolving. Now by athleisure we don’t mean running around town in your Lululemons (which we do sometimes ourselves) but actually constructing an outfit that’s casual, yet pulled together.

You also don’t want to run the risk of looking like your teenage daughter so this can be a rough trend to navigate which is why we are here. What are some street style clothes you can pull off without looking ridiculous? Well one trend we have noticed and are going to focus on today is the hot coat of this upcoming winter – the puffer jacket. This is fabulous news if you already own one (I don’t…yet) but be advised it should be worn off the shoulder as was shown at Balenciaga Fall ’16.



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Pair your puffer jacket (examples shown below) with a snug, closely fitted to the body turtleneck sweater, cropped jeans and your favorite sneakers (please make sure they are hip like Van’s or Stan Smith’s) and you too can be a street style darling without looking like you are trying too hard to be 25. I promise 50 year-olds can get away with this look and in fact rock it!

You can still wear your hoodie, track pants and bomber jacket this season, not all at the same time! It’s all about editing my friends! You can own athleisure. Trust us.

Here are some puffer jackets to consider for winter (remember worn off the shoulder);


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