Pseudo Interview. Q&A With Anna Wintour.


And you thought we really had the chance to sit down with Vogue editorial extraordinaire and all-around fashion icon herself? One can only dream…

But some girls are getting that lucky! NYMag reports that the current interns at Vogue were lucky enough to score some down time with Ms. Anna Wintour, herself. (Aren’t they already lucky for having scored this internship in the first place? Come on, it’s the most prestigious fashion mag in the world!)


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According to a letter from the Condé Nast internship program coordinator, Anna will "discuss her career, stories of former successful Vogue interns, and will give advice on how to do well in the business of journalism."

Can we sit in on this little meeting? Just for 5 minutes! We so value Ms. Wintour’s precious personal attention and fashion-savvy insight. 

It was suggested that the interns read up on Ms. Wintour’s bio online and prepare some thoughtful questions for the mega diva (our words, not theirs.)

And so, we, here at SCS took the opportunity to come up with some thought-provoking questions of our own–had we had the chance to interview.

Here’s what we came up with:

1. Ms. Anna—can we call you Anna? Do you really think you’ve beaten out a certain French Vogue EIC in the fashion department? Because we really love the way she puts together her clothes.

2. Did you really dis-invite Rachel Zoe from the Costume Institute ball? Your rep says no, but we beg to differ. She may consider herself a top celebrity stylist, but you put fashion on the map without ever creating a label.  Besides, you wear clothes much better then she does and if we were you, we’d disinvite her too.

3. A certain Ms. Lauren Weisberger said the EIC in The Devil Wears Prada was
loosely based on you? Fact or fiction?

4. Do you think Candace Bushnell (creator of Sex and the City) was truly Carrie Bradshaw in carnate?

5.Can we raid your closet? And more importantly, can we raid Vogue’s fashion closet?

6. Who’s it going to be: Alexander Wang or Vena Cava? (CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalists) Don’t tell me you don’t play favorites…remember Proenza Schouler?

7. You pretty much put Proenza Schouler on the map. Do you still go gaga for the gawky duo?

8.Can we hang out with Bee?

And the big one…

9.Can you put us in touch with Mr. Lagerfeld?


Source: NYMag
–Simona Kogan

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