Project Runway. The Real Scandal is That Michael Knight is Always Overlooked. Second City Style Fashion Blog

The Internet is abuzz today predicting the big scandal in Episode 4. I think the biggest scandal is that Michael Knight is constantly  overlooked. It’s maddening. I know I am not the only person who thinks this to be true.

Case in point…his coffee filter dress in the first episode was sublime. Didn’t make it to the top 3. The Miss Universe dress he designed with Laura in the second episode was stunning. Again, didn’t make the top three. The real clincher was the third episode…when a man who throws together an outfit in an hour makes it to the top three and once again, Michael was overlooked. His designs were again, amazing. Could the fix be in? Has Nina gone mad? Where is Michael Kors? Where is the justice? Oh, and when is Andrea getting aufed?

There have been rumblings of racial bias, however, I pray that like a knight in shining armour…he has been flying low just waiting to swoop in and make his grand entrance. One can only hope.