Project Runway Season 9 Episode 5: Off The Track. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode.

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 5 - Off The Track
The designers were off and running, literally, at the start of this week’s episode of Project Runway. They were pitted against each other in a race where the first four to cross the finish line would be named team captains of this week’s challenge. While I was a bit leery of the idea of artistic types sprinting around a track in gym shorts, I was surprised that only one of them (poor Oliver) fell. I’m just thankful the writers didn’t have them running a relay race with scissors, but maybe that’s for a future season of PR. With the designers outfitted in New Balance athletic apparel it was assumed that it was going to be a design challenge for Heidi’s New Balance athletic line. Heidi’s attempt to make a buck off the hopeful designers is not my idea of an entertaining challenge, but she owns the show, so que sera sera… Yet before the designers were officially given the challenge there were a few hurdles that need to be jumped.
Tim Gunn and The Designers
Cecilia, who gave up on last week’s challenge was disappointed to still be among the remaining designers and quit the show of her own volition. It’s amazing to me that someone who would put the effort to get into a competition could bow out of it so easily. So with this being a team challenge, four teams of three, one team would be short. Wanting to offer an even playing field Viktor and Olivier were able to choose one designer who had been kicked off in a previous challenge to come back for another go. Josh C. was the obvious choice for everyone. Now, on to the challenge… Each team had to design three fashion forward outfits that could be worn with a pair of sneakers. Because let’s face it, any fashion forward girl is going to want to wear a pair of athletic shoes when she’s going out.(?!) In addition, they had to use suede and denim (the same materials as the shoes) in their garments. Of course with any team challenge on Project Runway there is going to be drama. Anthony Ryan, Laura and Bert was one team who couldn’t seem to get together on anything so each of them designed a garment with the same fabric, but without any real uniformity to them. Bert did what he wanted, while Laura and Anthony Ryan were too concerned about getting Bert to change his design when they should have been concerned about what they were sending down the runway.
Guest Judge Erin WAsson
Anthony’s jersey jumper achieved the impossible, as Michael Kors observed; it was “tight and big at the same time,” giving the model an unattractive camel toe. Guest Judge Erin Wasson said she had sympathy for the embarrassed model who had to wear it!. Olivier, Viktor and Josh C. seemed to get along famously and created three outfits that were flattering and fashion forward, thanks in large part to the leather and denim jacket that Victor designed. But they also made a long jersey skirt that sparked many a farm joke from all the judges, including Tim. Bryce, Kim and Danielle also seemed to get along and created three outfits that neither impressed nor disappointed the judges, except for Danielle’s green Henley blouse that Michael Kors called a rag. It seems her skills with gauzy materials aren’t nearly as good as she thinks they are. Team Joshua M. was teamed together with Becky and Anya, with Becky given the full brunt of Josh M.’s snide rudeness. Becky, felt like an intern with all the sewing and pattern making she was strongly encouraged to do for the team. And when she complained that she wasn’t getting a chance to do any of the designing, Josh called her dowdy then saw that it hurt her feelings and tried to claim that dowdy wasn’t an insult. Ah the petty dramas only Project Runway can create – I love it! The winning designs will be sold on under Heidi’s New Balance line. Since this was Heidi’s challenge and she didn’t like one team’s entire look, she changed the rules at the last minute. She named two winners this week and chose Viktor’s leather and denim jacket to be sold and also named Joshua M. the winner for the maxi-dress that Anya and he designed. But Heidi didn’t get her way entirely this episode. When the judges had to decide between Anthony and Danielle, Heidi would have like to send Anthony home because he obviously had the worst garment of the night, but the other judges thought Danielle should go, since she showed less potential. Heidi conceded and Danielle was sent to clean up her work area.
Viktor, you are the winner!
Joshua M. - you are also the winner! (with Anya's dress on your team)
Anthony Ryan, you were almost out!
Danielle, you are out!
Memorable Quotes: I hope it’s running, because I’m just going to whale on these people. –Joshua M. I’m like hauling ass. –Danielle I never run, unless someone’s chasing me with a gun. –Viktor Dropping like flies on Project Runway. –Tim Gunn No leggings! They are so over. –Joshua M. Auntie M.’s not getting on the motorcycle. –Tim Gunn Your demographic is 40 to death. –Joshua M. Mine is going to be clean, modern, fresh. Not like the Midwest or wherever they’re from. –Bert You achieved the impossible. Her shorts are big and tight at the same time. She has camel toe in big shorts. –Michael Kors It’s very pretzels in the beer garden. –Michael Kors Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! —Bonnie J Brown Photos: Liftetime

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