Project Runway Season 9 Episode 13: Finale, Part 1. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode

Project Runway Season 9 Episode 13: Finale, Part 1.
It’s back to reality on Project Runway. For the designers this means packing up and heading home to work on their collections for New York Fashion Week. For us viewers it means that we get to see the designers as people, rather than the stereotypical Project Runway contestants they’ve been to us all season.  For the judges it means less criticizing and more flattery. And for Tim Gunn it means leaving his comfort zone (Parson’s workroom) and heading out to the homes of the remaining designers. In past seasons of Project Runway we’ve seen Tim in all manners of uncomfortable situations, yet his travels this time around seemed rather tame in comparison and while the inspirations were different for everyone, everyone’s inspiration seemed to revolve around a loved one who had passed away, a bit sad for Project Runway.  Since there really wasn’t much excitement and absolutely no embarrassing situations, I’ll just gloss over his stops: First stop: Kim in White Plains, Maryland. Her urban collection, inspired by the gentrification of Brooklyn brought only positive comments from Tim. Second stop: Anya in Trinidad: inspirational photos, check; fabrics, check; collection, NOTHING. Anya hadn’t a thing to show Tim at the critique. Obviously Tim could only tell Anya to get to work! Third stop: Viktor in New York: Viktor’s collection was complete, with superbly tailored garments, an out of this world leather jacket (yes another one, but they keep getting better), and a sub-par dress. Tim reminded Viktor that he really needs to wow the judges so should rethink the dress. Last, but not least came Josh in New York: Josh’s garments, while constructed very well and have the possibility of producing a wow-factor, are made of such hideous materials that Tim has to remind Josh to edit his garments and be thoughtful. Skip ahead…Now everyone is back in New York and each designer will once again be showing the judges, Niona Garcia and Michael Kors, three pieces from their collection. This week there was not a  guest judge.,But before the runway, Anya has another mini-meltdown when Tim tells her that her collection looks as if she’s regressed into her former self. Her collection is not looking as if she challenged herself enough to impress the judges. But with no time to do much about it, Anya presses on and hopes that she will not be the one eliminated.  Because the judges will be eliminating one more designer, or will they?
Nina Garcia and Michael Kors
Viktor’s three garments easily impressed the judges, but they did warn him that maybe he should dial the wow factor just slightly. He seems to really walk a fine line between too showy and a tad boring. Josh, who showed two garments that were impressive, lost the judges with his last look which was have loose flowing dress, half Olivia Newton John’s spandex jumper from Grease (and not in a good way). As for Kim and Anya, neither of their collections impressed the judges. Anya did a poor job of styling her looks, which should have been beach chic, and Kim also needed to edit her looks by making them less over the top. Plus, the shapes of her garments did nothing to flatter the models derriere. Viktor and Josh are in. And so are Kim and Anya, what a surprise ending! Josh was not happy to hear that both women were in, especially when neither got a very favorable review. While Josh is certainly one to dramatize a situation, I’m apt to agree on this one…
Viktor's Designs
Joshua's Designs
Kimberly's Designs
Anya's Designs
Memorable Quotes: I’m excited to be going home. I’ll miss…No I’m excited. –Kim Boy, five flights of stairs. Grandpa needs a rest. –Tim Gunn I think it’s on the edge of cheap. –Tim Gunn This print, I think it’s one of the homeliest fabrics I’ve seen. –Tim Gunn Where’s the sex? This is too much farmer and the dell. –Tim Gunn Holy crap, that jacket is everything! –Josh It’s looking a little schizo. –Tim Gunn This isn’t just playing dress up! –Josh You’re not out of the woods yet, but you’re still in the woods. –Tim Gunn Until next week! Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! – Bonnie J Brown Photos: Liftetime

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