Project Runway Season 8 Episode 6: (You Can Totally Wear That Again). Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Oh Project Runway, I’m so happy you put the cattiness back into the show! Although I enjoy watching the designers scramble to put together a garment in a days time, it’s so much more worth while when people are talking behind one another’s back and attempting to sabotage each other’s chances at winning the competition. I mean it’s not reality TV if there isn’t some form of high drama, right?  But this season’s cast’s malevolent behavior does seem to be a bit obsessively cruel towards Michael C. Not that I’m complaining, but just about every one of the designers has ganged up on poor old Mike C. and I’m not so sure he deserves it.  True, I don’t think he’s quite as talented as the judges seem to deem him, but he is producing pieces that are consistently better than what some of the other designers are presenting. And this episode certainly had quite a few scary designs.
While the final garments were not all that remarkable, I really enjoyed the challenge, which consisted of transforming a hideous, old bridesmaid dress into something the ex-bridesmaid could wear again. I love this idea of recycling something old into something new, and what better than a bridesmaid dress to reconstruct. Of course there is a slight addition to the challenge; instead of going straight to the runway, the designers previewed their designs at a designer showcase. At the showcase, the designers displayed their garments to a number of people off the street who were to vote on which garment they liked best.  Supposedly the design with the most votes would have some sort of advantage in the scoring of the designs, but I’m not so sure the judges took that into account at all.  Mondo’s two-tone pink and black dress was the obvious favorite and the best tailored as well, however, he did not win.

Christopher, who had possibly the ugliest dress to work from, manipulated the fabric into a chic, form-fitting little number of a dress, but he too did not win. Instead, Michael C. was crowned the winner of the challenge and will once again have immunity.  While I agree, Michael C’s dress had a great shape to it; I’m not quite so sure why the judges considered it so fashion forward. Even though the open back on the dress was flattering, I can’t agree that the velvet bow tacked to the back with the exposed zipper was anything but tacky.


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The designs that were the worst of the worst came from Valarie, who was in the bottom for the first time with a color blocked dress that gave the model a very boxy shape; Michael D., who was challenged with creating a dress for a curvaceous gal, ended up making his model look worse, in the judges’ eyes, than before; and Peach, who totally missed the mark in the hodge-podge garment she constructed. While I can’t agree that Michael D’s dress was quite as bad as what the judges (Including guest judge Cynthia Rowley) thought, I think the dress looked cute and fun and that the top portion of the dress was rather flattering, yet I completely agree that Peach was to be the designer given the boot this challenge. Her own design had her exclaim, “what did I do to that poor girl?!” Not a good sign when you can’t defend your garment in someway, so it’s “auf wiedersehen” to Peach.
Michael C. – "You are the Winner!"

Mondo's Design


Christopher's Design

Valerie's Design

Michael D.'s Design

Peach – "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:
"Funny how they didn't clean the dress, but kept it". —Ivy

"I have to tell you something, these are terrifying garments." —Tim Gunn

"It's like a great big over-sized bra." —Tim Gunn

"You should make her a thong and call it a day." —Tim Gunn

"Frankly it looks like a clubbing outfit, but look at me." —Tim Gunn

"I'm in a little bit of a Peach panic." —Peach

"You're getting massive amounts of boobage." —Michael C.

"She's giving it that jersey strut." —Mondo

"I think you went from bridesmaid to bat mitzvah." —Michael Kors

"It looks like mosquito netting." —Nina Garcia

"The top is a Holly Hobby halter." —Michael Kors

"I don't think the avocado dinner napkins tucked in at her hips are doing anything for you." —Michael Kors

"I mean, she's got an avocado goiter." —Michael Kors

"She's at the 'Church Bring-a-Pot Dinner'…" —Michael Kors

"It's like you turned her in to like nursing grandmother chest." —Michael Kors

"Snooki in the Flinestones." —Michael Kors

"The straps, to me, look alittle 'Fredericks of Hollywood'" —Cynthia Rowley

"You made an ugly dress uglier." —Heidi Klum

"I'm still the fairy drag mother." —Peach

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—Bonnie J Brown

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