Project Runway Season 8 Episode 10: There’s a Pattern Here. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


If the goal of this episode of Project Runway was to get me to cry they ALMOST succeeded. I did feel a little moistness in the eyes, but I dried that mist up before it had a chance to form into an actual tear. I mean, honestly, the designers do the crying and I find it completely annoying, so for me to join them in their sob-fests would just be too much. And while during the show it did seem like they had a lot to cry over, (their moms came to visit them which gave them a renewed sense of inspiration and encouragement, Mondo came out and admitted he’s HIV positive, April discussed her parents’ divorce, etc.) but looking back I’m not sure they should have been that weepy. And ultimately, call me callous if you must, I just don’t want to get to know the designers that intimately. Bring on the cattiness, the high and low fashions, and the judges’ snarky comments and I’m a happy girl watching a great episode of Project Runway. Leave the sob-stories to the contestants on the Biggest Loser, because as Michael Kors said “Fashion is not for sissies.”
But I digress, but only because this episode, “There’s a Pattern Here,” should have been much more fun than it was. The designers were given the chance to work with HP World Wide in order to create their very own patterned textile. The textile was to be inspired from a past memory (which happened to be the cause of most of the crying) and incorporated into their runway look. All the designers were pretty content with their garments and confident that they would make it to the next round…an obvious sign that they aren’t challenging themselves enough and are playing it too safe? – I say “yes” and so do the judges.



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Project_Runway_8_10_Rachel_Roy Since there were only seven designers left, the judges critiqued everyone’s look. And the judges, including guest judge Rachel Roy (so pretty!), were sorely disappointed with the end results. Even though Michael Kors and Heidi tried to be diplomatic, Nina had harsh words for Andy, Christopher, Valarie and Gretchen. She was disappointed and, even worse, bored by what she saw. Although Gretchen was considered to be in the top three with a pattern that was inspired from Native American art, Nina was expecting much more from her. April created the all around favorite pattern that was much more artsy than a traditional pattern and used creatively used in her garment. But for the third week in a row, it was Mondo who was the winner, whose plus sign pattern showed joy and exuberance. The judges loved his use of colors and his ability to put together different prints to create fun, wearable outfits.
Mondo’s design was also the only editorial look on the runway as well. The judges, Nina in particular, was uninterested in the looks coming down the runway, including Christopher’s look which was a well constructed, but uninspired blouse and pant, which only reminded Nina that all of his designs are completely unmemorable. As for Andy, who had never before sent a boring garment down the runway was completely off his game after seeing his mama. His shorts and top had Ms. Roy declare the outfit as completely unwearable. But the designers gave him another chance and instead sent home Valarie, whose garment was a poor replica of a dress she had already done earlier in the season. Her pattern was dark and drab, the dress ill-fitting with under-skirting that confused the judges. So sad for Valerie, but how exciting for the last six designers!

Mondo, "You are the winner!"

April's Design

Gretchen's Design

Michael C.'s Design

Christopher's Design

Andy's Design

Valerie, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:
"It’s looking like an ice skating outfit." —Tim Gunn
"A California dream girl…A classy one, not a trashy one." —Gretchen
"I love Christopher, but I don't love what Christopher does." —Gretchen

"It’s stretchy, black satin, skin tight; more Olivia Newton John in Grease than Gretchen." —Michael Kors
"She’s sorta disco earthy." —Michael Kors
"She looks a little fried egg on the boob." —Michael Kors
"It makes it look funny like a joke." —Michael Kors
"Matchy-matchy is not what’s happening." —Heidi Klum
"It looks like she has sleeping eyes on her boobs." —Michael Kors
"Fashion is not for sissies." —Michael Kors

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—Bonnie J Brown

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