Project Runway Season 7 Episode 6: Design an Appropriate and Fashionable Look for a Six Year Old. Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Project Runway, I say “Ho-Hum!” I’m through with your running theme of Heidi introducing one sub-par design challenge only to have Tim come waltzing into the workroom hours later, announcing that he “has a surprise” for the designers. The surprises are really not so much of a surprise anymore; especially when the original challenge is, yawn, to design an appropriate and fashionable look for a six year old in 24 hours time. Funny they had to say “appropriate,” as if the designers were going to put their mini models in something vulgar. While most of the designers seemed to struggle with this challenge, it was simply because none of them had designed children’s garments before and struggled with whether to go safe and traditional or put a lot of their own design elements into the garment. When Tim finally arrived, most of the designers were through with their look and had to assume that Tim was there to announce a “twist” to the challenge. The designers’ additional challenge was to create a companion piece to the garment that would be worn by their regular models.

Project_Runway_7_6_models From the look of things, it appeared that this week designers should have kept things safe. Amy and Jonathan both wanted to wow the judges and stand out from the pack and they certainly did that with their designs. Amy’s garments might have been well made, but the color palette left the judges cringing and Jonathan’s toilet paper ensembles had guest judge Tory Burch question “where are they going?” But it was Janeane who had to say good bye this week and it’s no surprise, her designs have been too simple and not nearly fashion forward enough to continue on in Project Runway. Jay, Jesse and Seth Aaron, on the other hand all had very strong pieces. Tory Burch commented that she would definitely spot Jay’s garments if seen on the streets with its chic and urban look and Michael loved the fact that Jesse made a tailored jacket for his garment. But it was Seth Aaron’s design that won the challenge. His children’s design had whimsy and was something children would want to wear and the vest made for his model was the “best tailored piece” from this season, as Michael Kors said. Now with Janeane gone there are only 10 designers left!!



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Seth Aaron "You are the winner!"

Jay's design

Jesse's design

Jonathan's design

Amy's design

Janeane, "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes:
“I am scared of children. I don't surround myself with children. I don't have any children. They are very small.” Jonathan
“I can't even draw kids.” Jonathan

“I am ecstatic, I love mini clothes!” Amy
“If I was a little girl, I would like green.”

“These little girls got no booties and no breasts, so I am not sure how this is going to shake out.” Anthony
“She looks like a seven year old waitress at Benn Hanna’s…It’s as if Memoirs of a Geisha met Barney.” Jonathan imitating Michael Kors by thinking of things he may say about his garment.
“Whenever Tim Gun comes in with that sly little look in his eyes, you know there's trouble.” Emilo

“Now what am I going to come up with for this pink cupcake?”
Emilio referring to the companion piece for his children's design.

“These pants will either stop the show or they will be clown clothes.” Tim Gunn on Amy’s pants

“You are really rocking Halloween here.” Tim Gunn to Janeane
“That one little girl made me so nervous that I now smell.” Jonathan
“The workroom is a little like Romper Room on crack.” Jonathan
“Do ya’ll have an off switch?” Anthony with the the children in the workroom

“Alison are you ready for the circus?” Amy's (wise) 6-year old model to the adult model, referring to the pants she will be wearing.
“It looks like a cheap mall outfit.” Heidi on Janeane’s garments
“The jacket really looks like a home ec project.” Michael Kors on Janeane’s garment.
“Kaitlin looks like there was a fire and she grabbed every garment in the house and left the house.” Michael Kors on Amy’s outfit during judging

“I think it is hideous.” Heidi to Amy during judging
“Those pants are just a train wreck.” Michael Kors on Amy's designs
“It looks like she got caught in a tornado of toilet paper.” Michael Kors on Jonathan’s garments
“Different is nice, but it sure isn’t pretty.” Michael Kors on Amy’s garments
“The conceptual toilet paper twins.” Michael Kors on Jonathan’s garments

"To me, it just looked like stuff you find on mark-down." Michael Kors on Janeane’s designs

“The final result was blah.” Heidi on Janeane’s designs

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— Bonnie J Brown

Photos: Lifetime

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