Project Runway Season 7 Episode 13: The Home Stretch: Mila or Jay? Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Episode


Every season of Project Runway, I look forward to watching one episode more than any other – it’s when Tim Gunn goes a-visiting. It’s a great episode because we learn a little bit more about the designers who will be presenting at Bryant Park; see where they live, meet their family, yada, yada, yada. We also get a glimpse of what the designers have made for there collection thus far, which is all very well and good. But more than anything I love these episodes because poor, staid Tim has to enter people’s homes and his already perfect, ramrod straight posture gets a bit stiffer and his cheery attitude is just a bit more jovial. His discomfort is so palpable in these episodes that I almost feel sorry for him…only almost because it’s just so entertaining.  But I have to commend him, for no matter how uncomfortable he seems, he truly is a good sport, last night he even went on a trampoline in Seth Aaron’s backyard.  Poor, poor Tim!



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But on we move to the fashions. On Tim’s trip to Seth Aaron’s and Emilio’s homes, both of which are already guaranteed to show at Bryant Park, Tim expressed only a sense of disappointment. While Tim was impressed with how much Seth Aaron had already completed, he advised him to start over from scratch since it was too much of what he’d been showing the judges all season long. It was much the same for Emilio, and while Tim tried to give Emilio advice to worry about finishing his garments rather than putting in details the judges won’t even see, Emilio responded with as a cocky of a comeback as every and then directed Tim to leave his studio. But I can’t really blame Emilio, since all the advice Tim has given him in the past was for not, since the judges named Emilio the winner more times than not.


Now is when the cry-fest began during the episode and it didn’t really end until they sent someone home. On Tim’s visits to Jay’s home and and Mila’s home, he was moderately impressed by both, although he advised Mila that her clothing was a bit matronly and to Jay he warned to keep an editing eye. Since the two were the ones vying for the last spot to show their collection at Bryant Park they really had to heed Tim’s advice. And when they made it back to New York they only had three hours to fit their models before showing three standout pieces from their collection. Jay’s was fashion forward and innovative. It seemed like the judges were leaning towards giving the spot to Jay, all except Heidi who really liked Mila’s look and wanted to see more from her. But as it turned out Heidi swayed Nina’s and Michael’s opinion and it will be Mila who will be showing her collection along with Seth Aaron and Emilio. I can’t wait for next week!


"Jay – You are out!"

"Mila – you are going to Bryant Park!"

Memorable Quotes
"I don’t just want to win, I want to stomp the competition." Seth Aaron
"I would expect most of this to go away." Tim Gunn
"You still want me to meet them after all this!" Tim Gunn
"The Henderson’s are trying to kill me." Tim Gunn
"I did it! I got Tim to jump on the trampoline." Seth Aaron
"For the first time I think Tim is speechless." Emilio
"I’m creating a collection for women and as far as I know Tim doesn’t wear women’s clothing."  Emilio
"Get out go, I’ll see you at Bryant Park." Emilio to Tim
"Conservative, even going a little matronly." "Tim on Mila’s collection
"I don’t want to lose to that little f@#ker." Mila
"Keska say? What is this?" Tim Gunn
"When Tim says 'student work' I want to vomit." Jay
"I don’t have to worry about Mila, I already know I’m going to beat her." Jay
"It’s coo-coo Chanel, girl." Jay
"Jay, you take these stairs so spryly." Tim Gunn
“This is a small space,” Jay “Good thing we’re talking to each other.” Mila
"That’s your little bitchy bolero." Jay
"Not only is the look Mila, she's made up to look like Mila."
Michael Kors
"I love this dress. You know I love short dresses." Heidi Klum
"There’s a fabulous Yiddish word, 'ungapatchka.'” 
Michael Kors  “Ungapatchka!” Nina & Heidi

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—Bonnie J Brown

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