Chicago Events. Regional Makeup Artist Mark Chi at ULTA!


Second City Style caught up with Regional Makeup Artist for LORAC Cosmetics, Mark Chi, at ULTA Beauty on State Street. Personable, intensely knowledgeable about the brand, and skin to die for, Chi dished about spring/summer trends, what it takes to achieve their signature "Red Carpet Glamour",and his personal favorite products. He stressed that he "doesn't like to keep secrets" when consumers ask him for advice in achieving an absolutely flawless complexion. "Choosing the right foundation (shade) is an absolute must! Make sure it matches your neck", noted Chi. Add properly blending your makeup to your to-do list. "You should never see where one color of your eye shadow ends and the other begins", he emphasized. Wow!

Putting my makeup application skills to the test, I asked Mark for an honest assessment for my makeup that afternoon to my relief, he approved, adding that he would definitely add more mascara to my lashes to make my eyes pop. As a self-proclaimed beauty addict, I jumped at the opportunity and tried on the 'Special Effects Conditioning Primer and Defining & Lengthening Mascara', which was beyond fantastic! My eyelashes touched my eyebrows, no joke! That's not all! The doubled ended primer and mascara allows for quick touch-ups for women on-the-go, like me, and it doesn't clump if added to already coated lashes! Did I mention that it's retailed at $22? You read that correctly. Of course I took one home with me!



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Special effects mascara

Another noted favorite of Chi's is the AquaPrime – and oil-free makeup primer that serves to moisturize and prepare your skin for smooth, long-lasting makeup application. Retailed at $30.



Try some ofChi's recommended Spring/Summer trends that POP in color! Teals, greens, purples and yellows are hot, hot, hot shades for warmer months. Don't wear them together, of course!


Pop of color lorac

LORAC Cosmetics was formulated by Carol Shaw, (LORAC is Carol's name spelled backwards in case you didn't know) in the early 90's – catering to women with ultra sensitive skin. According to the website the line launched with 10 shades of oil and fragrance-free foundations is one of the industries most sought after go-to line for red carpet glamour. LORAC Cosmetics can be purchased at ULTA Beauty stores nationwide and online.

– Nicole L. Townsend


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