Project Runway Season 14 Episode 2: It's All In The (House of) Cards

The second episode and we already have an unconventional materials challenge and who doesn’t love those? The designers are led to a Hallmark store full of, yes, cards. Obviously the card industry could use some product placement (since everyone emails them these days and a paper card costs almost $5!) and Lord knows reality shows love their products placements (huge cash). Anywho, I digress.
Tim tells the designers with the help of the Director of Branding for Hallmark, Amy Merchant (who is probably beyond elated) that for this unconventional materials challenge the designers must use all the cards they can grab in 2 minutes as inspiration and their material. They can use any part of the card, including the envelopes. They also have only one day to complete their garment.
Back in the workroom everyone is kindly sharing and swapping cards like, as Blake put it, “one big happy family.” That is all but Edmond. He has had 12 years to study, plot and plan and this guy wants to win so badly, he knows how to play the game. He is keeping everything close to the vest and is playing coy. Since I want him to win the season (I’m on Team Edmond) he smartly plays dumb and tells the designers who ask (and even the camera) that he is not sure what he’s doing yet, but he knows exactly what he wants to create.
Everyone seems to have a pretty clear idea what that want to make except Blake who grabbed everything glittery including cards that said “FABULOUS.” I’ll admit after last week and his racist comment to Swapnil this week that he “doesn’t speak Indian” I want him to go home, so frankly I’m glad he is lost. Swapnil won my heart (with his blue eyes) and when he let the stupid comment roll off his back. When Blake tells the camera he’s “actually adorable” I literally threw up a bit in my mouth. I digress again.
When Tim comes back into the workroom for his initial critiques we learn that Edmond is doing a wedding dress (smart), Swapnil is creating an “Alice in Wonderland on acid” Mad Hatter Tea Party look (but Alice in Wonderland is actually about a trip on acid, der). The skirt is full of butterflies and flowers and so far pretty spectacular. Blake is going hog wild on the glitter (good, I want this dress to suck), Amanda has created a beautiful lace top, but has not begun her bottom. Merline warns David (who I am also loving since I think he’s more high-fashion) that he is using too much muslin and needs to be using more of the cards (but he ignores it). Overall though, the designers are looking good.
Off to the runway:
Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum, Ashley Tisdale
The judges this week are; as usual Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum and guest judge Ashley Tisdale (who’s hair I must add is looking frightening).
The Top Four (yes there were 4 this week)

Kelly's Look
Kelly: Fanny-pack wearing Kelly (I love her dedication to the 80’s) has made a 20 year-old’s dream. Her tiny fitted crop top made of gold, pink and white with a hood is impeccable. She then made a gold fringe fitted mini skirt of entirely envelopes! I agreed with Heidi and Nina that there is too much going on, but of course Ashley loved it because she’d wear it.
Blake Project Runway 14-2
Blake: I can’t and don’t want to believe Blake pulled this off, but the judges thought he did. Frankly I wasn’t crazy about his pink and purple ombre glittered mullet party dress. Nina said it was the perfect New Year’s Eve dress. I think all the judges are on crack with this one, but whatever.
Swapnil: My heart literally skipped a beat when I saw this dress come down the runway and I knew he would be in the top. It was stunning. His fitted black and white button down sleeveless top (with a beautiful silver and white envelope lining back with seems perfectly lined-up) with his colorful flower and butterfly covered 3-D skirt was jaw dropping. Zac says it’s “whimsical and practical and also wearable.” I couldn’t agree more.
Edmond, Winner, Hallmark, Project Runway 14 ep 2
Edmond: This was the clear winner in every way possible. Edmond was strategic down to every last detail and made a GORGEOUS wedding dress (and even wore a tuxedo printed t-shirt to make himself the groom). The dress had a sweetheart neckline, a sexy cut-out back, and a full whimsical floral petal skirt. Brilliantly he made sure the fitted bodice had the “Hallmark Signature” logo subtlety placed. Then to seal the deal Edmond created the model’s red floral bouquet out of paper that Zac wouldn’t let go of. All the judges were literally blown away. If Hallmark Signature doesn’t use this look in an ad campaign, they are STUPID. So YEAH, Edmond realizes his dream on the second challenge and brings home the win! He had to. It was clear.
The Bottom Two

Amanda: After talking smack about others work she finds herself on the bottom. Her lace top over a colorful graphic print was very good, but her ill-fitting and unfinished looking skirt was just plain bat-shit crazy. The two didn’t even look like they belonged together or came from the same designer.
David: His long sleeve military greige jacket/dress with pockets wasn’t that bad, but as mentioned above, he ignored the warnings that he was using too much muslin. The card elements were gold words from the cards glued on. I think they said “Hot Damn” repeatedly. The judges disliked Amanda’s look more, but since David didn’t follow the rules of the challenge he was sent home and HOT DAMN, I’m bummed. I was dying to see what else he had in store because he was so talented and his life story inspired me. Yet as Tim said on his way out the door “it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.” He lost his way. He will be missed.
Memorable Quotes
“*Sigh*. This girl cannot play– Ugh. I cannot play card games.” – Candice
“I say ‘oh f*ck’. I don’t look, I just grab.” – Hanmiao
“One day. And at midnight, it’s over.” – Merline
“Although my vision is very clear, if anyone asks, I don’t know.” – Edmond
“It’ll look like a 3D graphic.” – David
“People think I’m dumb or mean. I think I’m adorable.” – Blake
“I love what Candice is doing. It’s kinda weird but kinda awesome.” – Lindsey
“Glue-gun the living daylight out of it!” – Tim Gunn
“I mean, ‘I love you but get out of this dress’.” – Kelly
“I got glue sticks. Let’s do this.” – Joseph
“I don’t speak Indian.” -Blake
“Right now, there is no singing happening.” – Merline
“I don’t know how much glitter and glue you can get on the dress. The answer is a lot.” – Lindsey
“I just think ‘vagina’.” – Ashley
“Really? You had to make a wedding dress out of paper?” – Kelly
“Blake’s design makes me feel like I’m in Vegas. And I’ve never been to Vegas.” – Swapnil
“No one wants to see a manatee penis walking down the runway.” – Amanda
“It’s like Easter.” – Zac Posen
“Girl, what is in that fanny pack?” – Heidi Klum
“I think I deserved to go. I knew it.” – David
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Photos: Lifetime

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