Project Runway Season 13, Episode 14: The Final Finale – Memorable Quotes From Last Night's Show

Project Runway 13-ep14 Finale, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Nina Garcia Spoiler Alert: If you have not yet watched the finale on your DVR don’t read any further. Then again, too late! My first pick since Day 1 won! Yes, Sean is the winner of Project Runway Season 13!  BUT A FEW DAYS EARLIER: The designers are getting their collections ready after their previous critique from the judges. Now Tim breaks it down for them. Kini has to pull a bunny out of his butt and is freaking out because he has little time to redo his entire collection. Sean needs to defringe. Char has to replace four looks and needs to make her collection less tacky. Amanda just needs to do some minor tweaking. Tim then tells each designer they get to go to Mood with an additional $300 budget! Amanda has enough fabric and decides her time would be better spent in the workroom. Since the 4 remaining designers get along, there is no drama and the first 45 minutes of the show are boring. Just bring us the final runway! But before we do that, the guest judge is Emmy Rossum and after I slap my head I decide to start a petition for all to sign: Next season no more actress judges PLEASE! Project Runway 13-ep14 NYFW tent I’ll proceed with the designers in the order they place.
Project Runway 13-ep14 Char
Char with her models in her collection.
Char – Her collection is not cohesive, but Zac finds something positive to say, “I think there’s a customer out there for this, however, you’re gonna have to bring up the fashion game a little bit.” No der. Heidi doesn’t like the fabric in the final look, but likes her hooded dress. Nina doesn’t like the “tissue box” dress and has she’s trying too hard to be someone she’s not. The judges decide her designs are no different than what’s already in stores. As expected Char is the first to be eliminated which means she’s in fourth place.
Project Runway 13-ep14 Kini
Kini with his models in his final collection.
Kini –  While Kini kicked ass later in the season, he lost his way and blew it with his collection, even though it was infinitely better than his original designs for this show. The judges love his pleated dress and the neoprene off-shoulder top and leather shorts. However Kini suffers from too many ideas in one look-itis, bad editing skills and styling issues. Yet, all the judges agree he is a brilliant technician and can work faster than anyone, anywhere. Shockingly, Kini places third. I peg him for runner-up.
Project Runway 13-ep14 Amanda
Amanda with her models in her final collection.
Amanda – Amanda promised she’d step it up and make her looks less hippie and she did. Her valiant effort in her quest to claim the crown is not lost on the judges. Nina praises her collection looks effortless and compares it to Stella McCartney’s work at Chloe (that’s HUGE). Zac freaks over her jewelry saying “I want to see it at Opening Ceremony” and professes her collection is the most original on the runway. Heidi adores Amanda’s long and billowy dresses, yet she is probably the only woman in America who can rock the volume and not look like a heifer. Emmy says…who cares what she says? It was all dribble. Amanda places second.
Project Runway 13-ep14 Sean
Sean with his models in his final collection.
Sean – Let me just say Sean’s is the only collection that resembles a real runway show at New York Fashion Week. “This is probably the most editorial of the collections here,” Nina praises (even though there is still a ton of fringe…everywhere). Emmy likes his fringe and story of bloody Caesar, yeah, shut up Emmy. Zac exclaims “I think you are the full package, (I’m sure you do Zac) and to have taste AND surprise us with risk and wow moments is really refreshing.” It really is no contest, Sean wins! Der. I should have bet money… Memorable Quotes “Have we got some work to do!” -Sean “We don’t see a lot of sweatshirts on the runway at fashion week … and we don’t see a lot of sweatshirts that say ‘FLY” on them.” -Kini “So, Kini are you bidding farewell to your coat? -Tim “You just need to carry on..” -Tim “Take them away – Yuk!” -Tim “It sounds a little old. I’m confused by it.” -Tim “I don’t know how to not freak out right now.” -Amanda “I think you could have done without the one that looked like a box of Kleenex. No bueno.” -Nina “There are some of the pieces that I loved and then there were some that I was ‘Whoa, I’m overwhelmed!’ ” -Heidi “The Modonna hairdo was a bit much… but I love ‘much’.” -Zac “I’m worried his clothes are going to go fringe Muppet.” -Zac “You’ll still be in the pages of Marie Claire!” -Nina “I hit the jackpot. I’m going to have a good night tonight!’ -Sean Be sure to check out our other favorite site dedicated to all things Project Runway…Blogging Project Runway! It’s been real! See ya next season! Season 14…   – Lauren Dimet Waters Project Runway Photos: Lifetime

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