Project Runway Season 13, Episode 11: The Highest Bidder & Highly Annoying

Project Runway 13-ep11 Designers
I was honestly and seriously about to write this season off, but then came last night’s episode which reminded me of the old days when I loved Project Runway. We had a real challenge, a real guest judge and a real elimination. Welcome back Project Runway! It’s nice to have you back.
We are down to the final six! A video message from the Kluminator instructs the designers to meet Tim Gunn at a warehouse at the Brooklyn Navy Yard where they will be swimming with the fishes. Just kidding. In front of a bunch of storage lockers Tim informs the designers it’s a team challenge this week and proceeds to pull out the dreaded button bag. Obvi everyone wants to be paired with Speedy Gonzales Kini, but it’s Amanda’s lucky day. Emily and Korina are the next team leaving Sean with Char. Each team must create two cohesive looks using the contents of 5 storage units using their $500 budget to bid on the contents of the storage units which are not opened until right before the bidding on said unit begins. So if they blow their money too soon they could risk losing out on a great bin or if they wait too long they could wind up with bupkis.
In a nutshell; Korina and Emily get the first unit (upholstered chairs and old furniture) for $25. Amanda and Kini blow $190 on a unit filled with toys because she wants the hideous psychedelic yeti painting she spots (huh?). Why Kini didn’t stop her is a mystery. The third unit which is practically empty goes to Sean and Char for I forget how much. The fourth unit is filled with random odds and ends including a wedding dress which Korina and Emily also snag since they still have $475 and the last unit which is filled with leather goes to Sean and Char because it had to.
Project Runway 13-ep11 Korina
Back in the workroom the smack talk really begins. Yeah! Sean has to help Char with construction because she is a bit weak in that department, but Korina makes it known that Char was already been eliminated and should not still be there because she lacks these “basic” skills. This is also the time Korina names her team “Team Winner” which we all know by now in Project Runway speak means, “Molly, you in danger, girl!”
pr13-ep11-episode11 Tim Gun Workroom
Tim comes into the workroom not to walk through, but to announce a dreaded “twist.” Each team must create a third cohesive look made primarily of Mood fabrics, so off to Mood they go! This elates Amanda and Kini because they desperately need more fabric. Sean and Char aren’t happy because they need more time and the field trip and third look will chew up even more. Korina and Emily are just happy to be on Team Winner. By this time I have had it with Korina and want her executed on the spot.
Project Runway 13-ep11  Judges, Christian Siriano, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum
Yada, yada, yada…on to the runway (which by the way came entirely too early so I knew something was up)! I was just thrilled to see Project Runway Runaway Christian Siriano as the guest judge. FINALLY we might get some expert feedback. It’s about damn time. Anyway, there’s no better way to proceed than announcing the winners and losers now. Trust me, it still gets interesting.
The Winning Team: Team Blue (Amanda & Kini)
No surprise here. Their first look is a pink patterned crop top with matching pants (cute). The second look is a cocktail dress made entirely of deflated soccer balls (brilliant) with a fur jacket (unneeded). The last look is a graphic crop top with a very full black maxi skirt (dramatic). Since they worked with toys Amanda smartly states they were going for an “American popstar in Tokyo” look. Once Nina has them remove the fur jacket from the soccer ball dress you could see how spectacular it is and the judges praise them for their creativity. Zac gives them the ultimate compliment by saying it has a “Clueless” vibe. The collection is the best of the bunch and Kini gets another well-deserved win.
Project Runway 13-ep11  Sean and Char
Bottom Team: Green Team (Sean & Char)
Their first look is a blue quilted jacket (the best of their designs) by Sean, a black crop top and black skirt. The second look is a skintight black gown with too many sheer panels and a blue racerback (the best part of this fugly dress). The third look is a skintight black dress with a bottom sheer panel and a sheer cropped jacket. While their collection is “technically” the most cohesive, it is really trashy and if your model has a hard time walking that’s never good. Zac declares Char’s hoochie look a “walk of shame dress.” Yikes. Sean is safe, but Char is up for elimination.
Project Runway 13-ep11 Emily and Korina
Bottom Team: Purple Team (Team Winner)
Too much confidence is the kiss of death. Their first look is overstyled (actually they all are) and consists of a cape, a leather top, a Navajo skirt and a hat. The second look is a tweed and faux fur belted jacket with a pleated skirt. Their third look is a chunky oversized sweater with black leather leggings, a chunky scarf and a hat. When Emily describes their collection as “A Peruvian fashion photographer who’s traveling to Helsinki to do a street style fashion shoot,” you just know Nina is going to have something to say. Heidi tries to defend their concept, but Nina is having none of it. She feels there is nothing contemporary and the collection is dated and over styled. She also calls out Korina on her constant use of Native American looks and thinks she’s a one trick pony. Korina then tries to throw the Green Team under the bus by saying her looks are more wearable. She actually goes head-to-head with Nina and that’s a dumb move. Emily is safe and Korina and her massive ego are thankfully up for elimination.
Now who goes home? Heidi decides Korina and Char need to have a fashion face-off. Each has one hour to design an entire look (not related to the previous challenge) but using leftover fabrics and their team partner for assistance. Now Korina shows her true bitchy colors and proceeds to whine and complain that she is above this demeaning challenge against an untalented hack who was already eliminated (Char). It is so mean-spirited in fact that her partner Emily is disgusted and knows her resentfulness is going to show in her dress. At this point I am on my knees praying to God to eliminate Korina or strike her with a bolt of lightening.
Char’s blue dress is perfectly wearable and and Korina’s colorblocked shift looks unfinished and poorly constructed. In front of the judges Korina realizes the same and that’s when she implodes. She gets argumentative defending herself and that pisses off the judges even more. Nail in coffin…Korina is out! Thank the sweet Lord.
However, Korina is not going to leave without the final word. Back in the designer lounge, sore looser Korina angrily grumbles she didn’t deserve to be sent home before Char who was already eliminated once. Bless Char for defending herself with class. She snaps “Five challenges later I’m still around…are you mad?” Korina retorts. “Char, please. This isn’t about you.” But it is. Char keeps quiet and allows Korina to continue looking like an ass. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
Memorable Quotes
“Another freaking team thing…” – Kini
“I feel bad for Char. She might drag them to the bottom…” – Korina
“We only have a half a day to pull a whole new look out of our ass.” – Sean
“Can you pop my other balls?” – Kini
“All I can think of is SpongeBob SquarePants.” – Tim
“Wow! This is a lot of look, guys!” – Tim
“I think she looks like a teenage hooker.” – Tim
“The little diamonds pointing to her little friend are kinda scary…” Christian Siriano
“It looked like a walk of shame.” – Zac
“It’s hoochie! That girl knows how to twerk!” -Zac
“I could care less about this transparency…sick of seeing it!” -Nina
“What an Improvement!” – Nina
“Ahhhh! I don’t think I can touch it!” – Nina
“But this one can’t even walk!” – Nina
“I don’t know what decade I’m in…” -Nina
“It’s hoochie and it’s boring.” – Heidi
“You have one hour to make it work!” – Heidi
“I’m so much more of a f— designer… I shouldn’t even be here…” -Korina
“Wow…this is like really, really bad energy.” -Emily
“I know I’m a better designer… it doesn’t matter.” – Korina
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
Project Runway Photos: Lifetime

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