Project Runway Season 13, Episode 10: Muse on the Street. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Show

Project Runway Season 13 Episode 10 Muse-on-the-street
Finally! A challenge I like this season on Project Runway! The remaining designers meet Tim Gunn and Mary Kay Global Makeup Artist Luis Casco where they are told to be inspired by Mary Kay’s campaign, “Discover what you love,” and make over a randomly selected muse/model/regular woman which they had to find in 30 minutes in Washington Square Park and convince to walk the runway as their model. Now of course they were all going to try to go for the tallest, thinnest and prettiest they could find or as in Sean’s case, a warm body (I would have jumped at the chance ad he approached me, but I don’t frequent that park). The designers had a budget of $200 and 2 days to complete the challenge and the winner and muse would also be featured in a Mary Kay ad in Marie Claire.
Almost immediately Kini regrets his pick of a muse when he learns she’s a bit Bohemian. He has no idea what to do with that and proceeds to fall into a funk. Korina (through crafty editing, I’m sure) is now getting on everyone’s nerves as her last win has given her superpowers. She also thinks everyone on the planet wants one of her ah-ma-zing leather moto-jackets and that just annoys the other designers  even more. When Tim comes through to do his runthrough, he pretty much likes everyone’s designs. That is until his eyes fall upon Alexander’s green and mustard plaid crop top and high-wiasted flared skirt. It wasn’t that they were so awful, but the swamp-thing design of the mustard plaid atop the green plaid made Tim furrow his brow. Then for the first time in Project Runway history Tim lays it out there for Alexander telling him it is the most  hideous thing he has ever seen and that he must change it. In fact, he actually uses the words “butt ugly” (and for that I now love Tim Gunn even more, if that’s possible). The other designers are gobsmacked and Alexander knows he has to take Tim’s visceral reaction to heart and start again. In the meantime, Char is also going horribly off-course designing a red hussy, short romper for her nursery-school teacher muse with the rocker husband.
Anywho, the models are all then given fabulous makeovers. Amanda’s model looked the best, with a great new haircut and sexy makeup. Sadly from the neck-down would be another story. Kini seems to get his groove back once his muse looks elated with the denim outfit he made her.
Off to the runway…or are we? Just before the show Char’s model has busted the zipper on the side of her romper leaving her fully exposed. Tim feels for the model and knowing she isn’t a professional and would probably die of embarrassment (and Char’s his gal) if she had to walk down the runway half naked, he asks the other designers if they would allow Char the extra 10 minutes it would take to replace the zipper. Of course they all said it’s OK because they don’t want Tim and the rest of America to think they are giant assholes, but after it soaks in, they start to resent Tim’s second save for Char. Then Mean Girl Korina (the voice of reason) let’s it be known Char doesn’t have a shot in hell of winning with or without the zipper. Ouch.

Project Runway Asha Leo, Michelle Monaghan, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, Heidi Klum
Asha Leo, Michelle Monaghan, Nina Garcia, Zac Posen and Heidi Klum

This week there are two guest judges – actress Michelle Monaghan (again, she wear clothes) and model/TV host Asha Leo (yeah, I don’t know who she is either).
Project Runway 13 ep10 Kini
Kini – The denim dress and contrasting fitted denim vest were my favorite of the evening. Zac references Kini’s denim work form his audition portfolio (the judges saw portfolios before the season which Tim and I agreed could and would cloud their judgement) and says it was smart for him to use his denim skills at this time in the competition. Kini gets his groove back as his muse is elated and his construction is heralded as impeccable. So he won his third challenge! WTF? He didn’t??? Oh well, he’s safe.
Project Runway 13 ep10 Korina
Korina – When Heidi said the booties paired with Korina’s leather and tweed moto jacket and plated black dress was too “80’s mall” I laughed in agreement. But because the jacket looked like something Nina would wear (and has) she wins. I’m serious. Beware of the unstoppable diva next week.
Project Runway 13 ep10  Emily
Emily – She shocked us all and brought it! Emily and her muse shared a love of French designer Thierry Mugler, so she created a beautifully crafted red and black ruffle dress with a funky, crazy-cool matching ruffle vest. Her muse adored it and said she would basically sleep in it. So while the judges didn’t all love the look, they appreciated that her muse did and that her construction was her best all season. She’s safe.
Project Runway 13 ep10 Amanda
Amanda – Oh honey, that dress and vest were “butt ugly” (to quote Tim), but oddly Nina gives her props for her intent. Er, what? I’m just surprised Tim didn’t say it was anther vagina look as the pattern pointed right to that general area. In this case, Amanda has too much time on her hands and reworks the dress into a mess by the time of the runway show. The dress is too short and the vest is too long. It’s a complete disaster, but she’s safe.
Project Runway 13 ep10 Char
Char – Her zipper wasn’t the only thing that got ripped. The critique of her red romper with a matching peplum jacket was a big, fat fail. Char was called out on the fact that aside from the color, everything about this outfit was too vulgar for a pre-school teacher. Regardless that her husband is in a rock band, she could potentially run into other parents. Char admits she didn’t think of it that way. Whoops. However, she’s safe.
Project Runway 13 ep10 Alexander
Alexander – Even if the judges had known this was his second try, it still wouldn’t have helped. His crop top is too lose, the fabric too heavy, and it is too short (I swore I saw underboob). The weight of the fabric is too heavy for such a summery silhouette which Nina takes issue with. Additionally his construction is piss-poor. His number’s up and sadly, he’s out.
Memorable Quotes:
“I’m fed up and I don’t know what I’m going to do!” -Kini
“I don’t have to think too much which is nice” – Karina
“I’m stuck!” -Kini
“Do you know the fish face?” – Artist Luis Casco
“This is one of the most hideous garments I have ever seen in my entire existence. It is hideous. You have got to change this.” – Tim
“It is butt ugly.” -Tim
“Ouch!” – Alexander
“F My life right now.”  Alexander
“A one arm jacket… I don’t think so.” – Kini
“I just feel the dress isn’t ideal….”  – Amanda
“I’ll pass!” – Kini  when Korina was “taking orders” for her blue jacket
“I don’t even have time to sew her in it.” – Char
“Designers we have a project runway first!” – Tim
“Tim Gunn saved her once. Does he really need to save her again?” – Korina
“I’m juts thankful that my girl looks like a pro.” – Emily
” The vibe is not bad.” – Nina
“It really feels like a outlet mall..” – Zac
“It has a little bit of an 80s mall vibe.” – Nina
“I have to say the only thing I like about the link is the color.” – Heidi
” It really feels like a tap dance costume.” – Zac
“She is a pre-school teacher. I’m not saying she’s a saint…” – Nina
“It’s like an origami flamenco.” – Nina
“It’s not always about being chic, safe and banal.” – Zac
“…But I love your hair!” – Nina
“It’s like Kate Middleton and Kate Moss had a baby.” – Asha Leo
“And I win! Well, I thought I was gonna win!” – Korina
“I’m in shock right now, I feel if Char did not have the extra 10 minutes, she would be going home” – Alexander
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– Lauren Dimet Waters
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  1. I love your take on PR. It is always refreshing and interesting. Your quotes bring memories of each episode and I often laugh out loud! I differ from you in that I liked Korina’s best. Her dress was really fun and “now!” Kini’s outfit is something like I wore in the 80’s, but not together. The only time I ever wore denim with denim was during a strange cowboy and cowgirl phase in the 70’s living on a ranch,


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